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Getting the wife involved

I have placed hints, brought it up in conversation, even went out and bought shaving gear for her. All the time she says that it's just a chore and she just wants to get it over with. I'm out of ideas. Then it occurred to me. Shaving may have become a hobby/passion for me, but not for her. Then we were at the mall, and dropped by Bath and Body Works. She went wild over the soaps, perfumes, lotions and scrubs. Ultimately we both decided they were just too teenage girlish. But next store was a perfume shop that specialized in brand name perfumes. Again she went wild. Spent $80 on one bottle of Poison.

So to shorten the story, I think it's not just shaving for her, but the overall pampering herself she likes. So I was wondering if anyone was aware of forums that appeal to women pampering themselves that I could introduce her to. I realized from the beginning, this wasn't the forum for her. So I'll check the internet as well. But just wondering if anyone was aware of any.
Try making some warm shaving lather for her the next time she shaves the legs. Allow her to use your shaving brush to apply the lather. Probably best she uses her normal razor. Get her feedback after the shave. Good Luck.
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My wife has applied lather on my face on more than one ocassion. I can't get into the details on what she was wearing at the time, but i was very distracted.
If your wife is into pampering herself, maybe you could convince her that that's all that this is about?

My girlfriend had a bit of curiosity after seeing me go from always stubbly or with a beard to shaving every day. I used to cut myself up and get really irritated with cartridges, but now I shave every day and it's nothing. We both love the way my face looks and feels now. So I offered to shave her legs one time. Her fear was getting cut, so I explained how the cuts wouldn't be as bad as her fears and she wasn't cut once.

I've done her legs a few times now and she really enjoys the whole thing. Now I just need to find her a razor with a long handle for her to use and help her learn how to use it. Maybe introducing her with some soaps with a fragrance that she might like could help get her hooked.
Now I just need to find her a razor with a long handle for her to use and help her learn how to use it.

Hi Cacique, I found out today that there is a vintage Gillette called a Lady Gillette it has a longer handle and some are coloured, could be just the job.

This is from the Wiki page. Happy hunting.

There are also Lady Schick injector razors available from time to time on eBay. Their usage is similar to a cartridge razor, so it wouldn't be as strange to her as a DE, but they are definitely safety razors in the best tradition. I got one for my wife, and now it's her go-to razor.
The lady Gillette for sure ! You can find them from time to time on the B/S/T for reasonable prices. Plenty of them on the bay but the prices are outrageous.
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