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Getting the B&B Fragrance Train Rollin' (Again! -- See post 510)

This is your conductor speaking....:tongue:

The purpose of this swapbox is to provide an opportunity for folks to try colognes and aftershaves that they might not normally get a chance to try, by relying on the largesse of the wetshaving community

Several of the mods will be adding samples to the box from their private stashes. I'll provide the empty vials and the box will make its initial rounds this way to get fully stocked. This is the priming phase.

Once the box is "primed", I will publish a list of what is in the box, and put out a call for who wants it next. I will conduct a lottery, and the winner will have the box shipped to them. They take samples out - three can be taken for "free", and any more have to be swapped for something from their stash. Of course, other additions out of kindness are appreciated as well. There will be empty vials in the box to facilitate this.

The person with the box then posts the new inventory and the process begins again. It runs until no one else wants it, and then it returns to me.

This way those who just want to try stuff but don't have samples to contrbute can grab some without obligation (except for the nominal fee), and since the inventory is published beforehand, there is no question about getting the box and beng disappointed in the contents.

We will also keep part of the inventory a "surprise" so there is some fun involved besides knowing all the contents beforehand.

Since I put up the funds to buy the materials, if you get the box I will ask for a donation of $1-$2 to help defray the costs. I think this is a very nominal fee to try out some cool fragrances.

I would also like to hear from anyone who has a lot of colognes/aftershaves who would like to participate in the "priming" phase. The more samples we can start out with, the more fun it is.

I will try and start filling samples this week, and get the box moving along. I will post progress on this thread as it progresses. Feel free to add commentary or suggestions to make this a valuable exercise.
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I have nothing to add but would like to receive the box to see what everything smells like.

i will obviously not take anything since i am not adding anything, except maybe atkinsons lavender water.

i have absolutely no problem giving you some cash for the cost of materials. what is the paypal address?
Joseph - hold on there, pardner. We are still filling the box, and that will take some time. As for taking stuff - that is what it is for!
Here is what the box contains so far:

  1. Atkinsons English lavender
  2. Calvin Klein Reaction
  3. Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood
  4. D.R. Harris Arlington
  5. Floris JF
  6. John Varvatos
  7. L'Occitane Eau de Badian
  8. L'Occitane Vetyver
  9. Musgo Real #2 Oak Moss
  10. Musgo Real Classic Aftershave
  11. Penhaligon's Endymion
  12. Provence Sante Green Tea
  13. Saint Charles Shave New Spice
  14. Tabac
  15. Taylor's Mr. Taylor
  16. Taylors Victorian Lime aftershave
and five "mystery scents"

It is going to head to Rik's place next to stock up even more. Stay tuned!
Dammit, Scotto - you stole my thunder with lots of those scents! :mad3:

We have the same taste, no doubt...

Hmmm <looking deeply to the back of his scent cabinet>:confused:
HlSheppard said:
Dammit, Scotto - you stole my thunder with lots of those scents! :mad3:

We have the same taste, no doubt...

Hmmm <looking deeply to the back of his scent cabinet>:confused:


Throw in some Old Spice. We have some young guys who have never tried it!

The box is heading to Rik, where even more goodies will be added! Take a look at the contents above, stay tuned for what Rik will add, and drool. :drool:
Rik has received the box. After he gets a chance to add to it, we will decide whether to add more or send it on its way to some lucky soul. Stay tuned.
Ok, folks, the train is loaded and ready. Here is its current contents:

  1. 4711
  2. Atkinsons English lavender
  3. Azzaro Chrome
  4. C&E Nomad
  5. C&E Sandalwood
  6. Calvin Klein Reaction
  7. Cerruti 1881
  8. CM Tricorn
  9. Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood
  10. D.R. Harris Arlington
  11. Floris JF
  12. Floris Santal
  13. John Varvatos
  14. L'Occitane Eau de Badian
  15. L'Occitane Eau des 4 Voleurs
  16. L'Occitane Thé Vert
  17. L'Occitane Vetyver
  18. MonteCristo Habana
  19. Musgo Real #2 Oak Moss
  20. Musgo Real Classic Aftershave
  21. Penhaligon's Castile
  22. Penhaligon's Endymion
  23. Provence Sante Green Tea
  24. Saint Charles Shave New Spice
  25. Shiseido Basala / Basara
  26. T&H 1805
  27. Tabac
  28. Taylor Shaving Shop
  29. Taylor's Mr. Taylor
  30. Taylors Victorian Lime aftershave
  31. Thierry Mugler A*Men
  32. Woods of Windsor
  33. Yves Saint Laurent M7

Plus a whole variety of "surprise" fragrances not listed. :cool:

If you want to receive this box, subject to the rules listed at the beginning of this thread, please PM me by the end of the day on Tuesday. Once I get the list of names, I will choose someone at random. After that person removes some stuff, we will continue onward again until it is depleted. If you get the box, I will accept donations to help defray the costs of the sample vials.

This is a great opportunity to try out fragrances - please take advantage!
Thanks - I think we are good for the moment. Let's hold off on more samples until needed. I'll bug you as time goes on and we need refills.
Ok, based on a random number generated by random.org, the box is going to head to.... SurfFisherman! Let us know when you get it!

The others who PMed me will get another chance after Chris pokes through the box and grabs a few things.

Woo-Hoo! :jump:

I am both excited and honored to be the first stop on the inaugural voyage of the B&B Fragrance Train and I will be sure to post and let everyone know as soon as I have received the package and I'm "on board".

I'm particularly looking forward to trying: C&E Sandalwood, D.R. Harris Arlington, L'Occitane Thé Vert, Taylor Mr. Taylor and Shaving Shop, and Woods of Windsor.

Thanks for setting this up, Scotto!
Ahhh I just missed this train, stumbled onto the thread toooooo laaaaaate :mad:

A genious Idea I gotta hand it to Scotto ! s(h)aves me buying a lot of a/s this way you can directly hunt for what you like from the samples Box.

like it, can European people join the train aswell ? :thumbup1:
Hey Fellas-

Well, this evening I got the opportunity to cash in my winning lottery ticket and hop on board the B&B Fragrance Train.


First things first, Scotto, please take a bow. This was a brilliant idea and you did an outstanding job putting the box together.

When I opened the package I couldn't believe what I saw inside... Forty-two individually bagged vials of odoriferous splendor. Yes, I said forty-two different samples of some of the most intoxicating fragrances in the world! In addition, Scotto included everything needed to create additional samples: Empty vials, empty Ziploc bags, a marker for labeling the bags, an eyedropper and even latex gloves.

As I started pouring through the mountain of Ziplocs and reading the names of the fragrances contained within, I began to get more and more excited the deeper I went. I can't think of too many places (New York City or elsewhere) where someone could have the opportunity to audition so many different high quality fragrances from so many different houses all at once. It is truly an amazing collection!

Okay, I'm not going to review all forty-two scents (Sorry!), but I will comment on the five I selected.

- Taylor's St. James: A really nice blend of citrus, herbs and woods. I believe this is what is known as a "fougere". Overall, a very clean scent. A little different, but very easy for anyone to wear.

- Taylor's Mr. Taylor: Another splendid blend of citrus, herbs and wood, however much warmer and spicier than St. James. My girlfriend really liked this one. I think it's a classic scent.

- D.R. Harris' Arlington: A subtle blend of citrus and fern. Very light, but delicious! I immediately placed Arlington on my fragrance wish list. Being citrus-based, I think it might be a bit short-lived.

- L'Occitane's Vetyver: I happen to like the scent of Vetiver, while I know some others do not. This a stong mix of woods and herbs. Very masculine and sophisticated. Not for everyone.

- Art of Shaving's Sandalwood: Another powerful fragrance. This is what I think pure Sandalwood smells like. (But, I could be wrong!) Again, this is unmistakably masculine, although a bit warmer than the Vetyver.

Truth be told, I would have liked to have taken another ten samples, but I don't have that many fragrances in my collection to substitute! For my part, I will include: Floris' No. 89, Penhaligon's English Fern, Trumper's West Indian Extract of Limes and Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia. (The last an absolute MUST for all you almond lovers!)

This is by far my longest post ever, so I will end it now, but not before advising that anyone who doesn't sign up for a seat on the B&B Fragrance Train is making a mistake. It is an experience! Get on board!


I was wondering if I could jump aboard on the next stop or could u fill me in on what happened to the train and if u will b sending another around?

Marty, I added your name to the list. The box is going to keep making the rounds until no one else wants it. I am going to pick another name from the hat tonite, so stay tuned.

Surf - glad you liked it!
OK, folks. Here are people's names I have who wanted in:


Please check the new inventory list below and make sure you still want to be included in the drawing. I will draw another name from the hat tonite.

We seem to have underestimated the amount of fragrances we would have, so we are low on the empty vials. From here on in, it may be a "remove only" box.

Here is the new inventory, based on SurfFisherman's post:
  1. 4711
  2. Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia
  3. Atkinsons English lavender
  4. Azzaro Chrome
  5. C&E Nomad
  6. C&E Sandalwood
  7. Calvin Klein Reaction
  8. Cerruti 1881
  9. CM Tricorn
  10. Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood
  11. Floris #89
  12. Floris JF
  13. Floris Santal
  14. John Varvatos
  15. L'Occitane Eau de Badian
  16. L'Occitane Eau des 4 Voleurs
  17. L'Occitane Th&#233; Vert
  18. MonteCristo Habana
  19. Musgo Real #2 Oak Moss
  20. Musgo Real Classic Aftershave
  21. Penhaligon's Endymion
  22. Penhaligon's English Fern
  23. Provence Sante Green Tea
  24. Saint Charles Shave New Spice
  25. Shiseido Basala / Basara
  26. T&H 1805
  27. Tabac
  28. Taylor Shaving Shop
  29. Taylors Victorian Lime aftershave
  30. Thierry Mugler A*Men
  31. Trumpers Extract of West Indian Limes
  32. Woods of Windsor
  33. Yves Saint Laurent M7

If anyone else wants in, please PM me.
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