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Getting sore/itchy 2-3days after shave

Hi folks

I read this forum for a long time, but i decided to make my first post/question today.

I been using DE razors for a few years, doing a quick 1 pass shave with just regular soap. It worked ok, but got tired of shaving almost everyday, so i decided to try out a proper 3 pass shave with real shaving cream.

I been doing this for a while now and it works fine, but now my neck starts to get a lil itch and sore, irritated skin, 2-3 days after i have shaved.

Kinda strange to that it comes so long time after the shave? idk tho, but anyway, i use proraso shaving cream wich seems to do a great job, but i dont use any aftershave.

Would i avoid this dry/itchy skin if i use a aftershave? i never really been in to aftershaves.

I know theres skin lotions/moisturizers and such, but i dont really like putting that on my face, especaly not in the beard area, so im hoping maybe a aftershave could do the trick.

Any tips on what i can do to avoid the itchy/irritated/dry skin?

Another funky question, my lathering bowl and cream always get cold before i get to the 2 and 3rd pass, i been wondering about slapping it in the microwave for a few secs to reheat it, would it be safe to do this? i assume some of the moisture might disapear, idk how fast this will happen tho.

Thanks for ur help and suggestions :thumbup:
I too am not into a regular aftershave as a splash, though I always use a balm. One of the very best is the Nivea Sensitive which actually comes in a glass bottle. nice touch on its own, or the Macca Root Balm from the Body Shop. I don't like using things with alcohol if I can help it. And for the lather, a good scuttle? No point in spending a lot of money though, I use whatever's around...

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