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Getting Re-acquainted with the Gillette Adjustable after an involuntary absence from shaving.

Welcome back, kinda weird to say this, but one year in coma and hearing how many surgeries they performed on you, now that must be a very surreal experience indeed!

Best wishes for a ... speedy recovery sounds now kinda weird, too, right? But you are back and back to shaving, now that's definitely a good thing! :cheerful:

Whether you want smoother, harsher, more efficient or whatever kind of razor, from lightweight to the unfortunately still not created steep-shaving tungsten monster handle razor I would love to try, this forum will inspire you for sure.

When I think of the Slim I think of the Timeless Slim OC. I am still waiting for them to finally make a SS version of their Ti Crown handle.
Your story is incredible. Every day must seem like a gift now!

It's been a long time since I used a Fatboy. My dad had one when I was a little kid and it always fascinated me--one of the many mysteries of the adult male world. When I got into DE shaving a Fatboy was my one of first vintage purchases. Some time later I got a Slim and somewhat reluctantly discovered that the Slim worked better for me, at least with the examples I had. I got rid my 2 Fatboys. Maybe I should try one again, I love the look and heft, and I've discovered that revisiting stuff I rejected at earlier points in my shaving journey is often surprising.
Thank you all for your kind words, it really does mean a lot! 😊
Great to hear some stories from you about your experience with the fatboy as well.
Also thank you so much for the offers to replace the Progress. I actually have a new one I gave to my dad several years ago that he never used, so I have a spare I could scare up if I needed to. 😉….however I’m enjoying getting chummy with this old 195, so everything is cool. 😃
I’m now wondering if my old Slim was slightly tweaked or off in some way as it was harsher and more nick-prone than my current Fatboy.
I’ve found I can get as smooth and comfortable a shave on any setting below 4 as modern mild razors like the DE89, but more effective. 😁
Settings above 4 are very efficient, but noticeably harsher so I have to watch myself when using it. 😉
Overall, getting to like it more and more.
Happy shaving everyone, and have a great week!
I read the first half of your story and thought, no don't apologize, back stories are wonderful, even as the rest of the sentence registered, and my stomach lurched. I am so glad that recovery is going well, and hopefully being back here will be a bit of fun while still working on getting your feet under you.

I started a thread asking about adjustables because I wanted to buy one, I'd been on this sight years and years ago, and knew that it was a good place for opinions/recommendations. From what people were saying, I figured I'd try a Slim, and lo and behold the kindly @airmech not only PIF me one, but threw in a Black Beauty because he saw on one of the threads that I liked longer handles. I started a review of the Slim, but am doing a second part soon. I'd heard some people found little difference between the adjustments, or that it was top heavy to mild, or to aggressive. I found mine had a nice range, with 1-2 being insanely too mild for me, 3-4 in the range of my Flare, and 5 just a shade more. On the other side, 9 was a bit less aggressive then my Parker open comb, which is good, because that was the one a bit too aggressive for me and why I was shopping around for something new. 8 was nice, but I was running out of real estate (with legs, underarms, chin, I was starting one side 1 going up, the other side at 9 going down. Next review will be the 6-7-8 range, which I'm sure somewhere in there will be my overall sweet spot. (The whole idea of an adjustable being more range with one razor for chin/underarm/legs). Later I'll do a review of the Black Beauty. I know, the whole shave experience is different for a woman, too a point, but I figure if guy's reviews can help me out, my reviews might be of help to them in some way or another. Hopefully at least mildly amusing sometimes.

I'm glad to hear the Fat Boy is working well for you. I had one for a brief point in time, and liked the shave, but I don't really do well with short/heavy... long handle heavy, or short light (not as much) I can work with. The Slim and Beauty are much more in my comfort zone for balance and handling. It seems like having a minimum of three razors is a rule for the forum, so you can always get a Progress and keep the Fat Boy. Also, strange thought, but I'll share. If you really like the Fat Boy and want to keep with it, you should look for a birthday Fat Boy, a celebration gift so to speak. :)

(PS - butterfly was mandatory for a new razor, and lots of people suggested 2 and 3 piece, but I'm with you...finicky)
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