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Getting dressed in the morning

I plan on moving around the layout in my room and just wanted a few ideas.

At the moment I drape trousers, socks, boxers on a old kitchen chair then take a shirt off a hanger. I've got by doing this but it isnt ideal.

So how do you go about it?
the night before I decide on the suit or sport coat /slacks, I pick my shirt and hang it next to the suit, then pick the tie and drape it over the shirt, then the shoes, pull the shoe trees and put them up front. Lastly, pick the right socks and put on bureau. The underwear stays in draw till am as no choice involved. Usually decide on watch and put next to socks. In the morning I just put in on - no thought, no decisions-actually I've done this because my wife and I are often on different scheds and I don't have to put on more lights and make noise rummaging around to get dressed and it saves a little time, allowing more time to shave!
I actually was told by someone who is very "fashion forward" that people who have good fashion sense usually pick their clothes out the night before.

As someone else said, I imagine it would make the morning less stressful, and allow you to make sure your clothes have been pressed the night before, to avoid a big rush in the morning.

Have you ever considered a clothing valet? It may be exactly the kind of thing you are looking for....here's an example:


Cheers for the replies guys.

Diltothegreat, that looks superb. Everything in one place.

Would love the space to have a large table where I could lay my clothes,watch etc. out on, unfortunately my space doesnt allow for that luxury.
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