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    This PIF is for folks in the Continental US only. I just started wet shaving this year and keep adding stuff but not getting rid of it. I started with a Van Der Hagen butterfly razor and their own blades. Since then I've tried lots of other combos and my current razor is the Razorock SLOC with Proraso green in the tube. Anyways, I've got too much stuff and decided to give it away to someone that is looking to get into wet shaving or someone who wants to try a very mild razor. Really, it's fair game. Just leave a message and I'll choose one next Sunday to give it away to. Below is what all comes with it.

    Like new Van Der Hagen twist to open safety razor which is very mild.
    Brand new Van Der Hagen shave kit which includes a brush, bowl and soap.
    New Razorock What The Puck shave soap (orange smell).
    Different types of blades to try to include: 4 Van Der Hagen, 7 Croma Diamant, 5 Gillette Wilkinson Sword, 5 Derby Platinum and 5 Derby Extra.
    I also built a razor/brush stand that i will include which holds 3 razors and 2 brushes.
  1. Very nice pif, someone is going to get set up nicely thanks to your generosity. Respectfully, not in.
  2. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Great PIF, respectfully not in.
  3. Very generous!
  4. Great PIF!!
  5. Great PIF! Not in, respectfully. New shavers, see this post and get in here!
  6. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    very nice PIF, love the stand. not in.
  7. Generous!!

    Not in....
  8. nice gesture im in.........
  9. DEPenguin

    DEPenguin Contributor

    Very nice PIF! Not in, though.
  10. Fatboy

    Fatboy Contributor

    Very nice PIF, respectfully not in..
  11. Please count me in. This is a very kind gesture. Thanks.
  12. This would be great for a new starter and a very generous PIF indeed - respectfully not in
  13. One more day to enter this PIF
  14. Thanks for the entries, folks. After using a random number generator on Google, the winner is post 9. Congratulations to Jaro 101969. I'll PM you for shipping info. IMG_20190513_142705.jpg IMG_20190513_142705.jpg
  15. Congrats to the winner and kudos on the very generous PIF
  16. Congrats, Jaro! Enjoy!
  17. YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON !!!!!!!!!!! Thank You So Much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. DEPenguin

    DEPenguin Contributor

    Congrats, Jaro!
  19. thanks.

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