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German Wilkinson sword in more agressive razors pretty good...

I used German wilkinson sword in merkur 33c long time ago,and felt like these blades were too mild and not sharp enough.Tried it in more agressive razor today and its very good,bbs shave without any nicks very smooth.
The German Wilkies and the Personna Lab Blues are my "go to" blades. (I have tough whiskers that deserve a setting of 8 when using a Fat Boy or a Slim.) Also, let's remember a long and thorough prep of 5 minutes enhances the performance of any razor or blade.
I tried them for the first time in two razors known for being milder - masamune and asd2. They seemed to give a rougher shave than I am used to with both razors using other blades.
These are first-tier, very comfortable blades. Deceptively sharp. And consistent from start to near finish. I always recommend and gift them to beginning DE shavers, because they are close to fool-proof in a more mild starter razor. The full drug store packaging with dispenser box is an added plus for the novices (before they realize what a bank is).

But they are not the best value, pricing out around 20 cents a blade last I checked, but with above-average life. A rich man's GSB.
Exactly smooth and consistent,even sharp....but i like astra ss way better and also personna lab ,israeli,or silver blue.
That's why they get the bad reputation. They are just not for mild razors. Many people try them in a tech ot Super speed and don't get good results. They shine in very aggressive razors.
Actually I like them in my broman which is pretty mild, makes it a tad more effective. Still need a kai in that one to make it really sing
I finally tried the German Wilkie in my Rockwell 6c with plate 6, and it was an awesome blade! Cut right through 4 days of growth like nothing! Sharp and very smooth for me, especially the neck area. Probably will go to the top for me over the Israeli Reds and Israeli Satinex 2000 Platinum +.
I bought some very cheaply fro the Bay 120 for9.99.They were great held an edge and were smooth.What a bargain as the others I bought were 20.99 -100.Same blade Classic.

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