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FS German tallow extravaganza (Tabac, Speick)

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So, FOMO amirite?

When it was discovered that both Tabac and Speick shave sticks would be abandoning tallow mid last year, I recalled (from deep within my vague memory recesses) that the local German import store had both. But, I had not tried either. But….FOMO. I knew it was a risk whilst making two trips to the store and cleaning them out of inventory.

But, here’s the rub: turns out I’m not a chosen one and, frankly, the scent of Tabac will never work for me. And, sadly, nor will the scent of Speick shave stick if I want to spend any time with my wife after using it.

My offer to you today is this: reimburse me for the cost of the loot plus shipping from Canada (I will get a custom quote, insured, and tracked) and you too can revel in the tallowy goodness of two of the finest products in German shaving! $115 plus the shipping cost to your door - one Tabac puck in container, three Tabac refill pucks, four Speick shave sticks. All tallow formulation.

I tried the Tabac puck in the white glass container three times to see if I could get used to the scent (you can still clearly see the logo as I do not load heavily). All else is unused in the original packaging. As a bonus, I will throw in an unopened tube of La Toja Crema de Afeitar which was my favorite reasonably priced cream until my face started to react when I used it. Hmmmph!

Considering my 10 year inventory of soaps and such, plus the cost of shipping, I’m not sure trades make any sense, but could be open to premium creams like SMN, Xpec unscented, or Baume.be or Baume.be balm (say that three times fast…). If you are in Canada, perhaps some bottles of Maol splash if you are holding reserves.

Thanks for looking!

Great looking tallow treasure chest. Tallow Tabac is 👌. This is mighty tempting even being on a restraint.

Good luck with the sale. Noodles is a great B&Ber.


I shaved the pig
Great soaps! Fortunately, Tabac agrees with me in every way and Speick has been used to create a tallow heavy Frankensoap. I’m well stocked, but someone should jump on this!
Hit me with other ideas, folks. Could split the Tabac and the Speick. Could look at other trades. I’m also partial to MdC, Stirling and Speick balms, Shavemac silvertip brushes (small/medium size), maybe a non-scritchy Classic 1 in best or Chubby 1 in Super.
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