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Geo Wostenholm & Son 8/8 I.X.L Wedge In Swordfish Bill

It has been a while since my last SR restro, time to give it a go. I scored this 8/8 Wosty near wedge with freakishly large home made scales last month. I was going to reshape the scales. It was not until I broke down and started cleaning that I discovered it was a I.X.L. A 8/8 I.X.L. WEDGE—-YEAH BABY!!!. This needed some scales that were as special as the blade. Chose to use swordfish bill that I have been saving for something worthy. Was gentle with the sanding on the blade. Just enough to remove move the the funk but leave some of the patina. Did not want to virginize the steel. Even went the long road and made a lead wedge to keep period. After shaping the scales, they were wet sanded to 600 grit. Hit them on a wheel with white compound. Changed wheels and finished with carnauba wax. A few dry fits, a few tweaks and assembled with Ni-Ag pins.