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Geo F Trumpers Skye

Tried the sample (1ml - you're right TSMBA, I wish they were larger) of Geo F Trumpers Skye this morning.

Somewhat similar to other acqua marine frags, except it does seem a little less "marine salty" and more "fresh airish", as the name suggests, and maybe that's just the power of the label. And it has a more noticeable lemon scent in the mix, which is nice. But the sillage stays pretty close, and longevity - well it getting pretty faint after four hours, but it is still slightly here. As for complexity, I haven't noticed any change, it's just grown fainter.

This fragrance has, to me, a nice although slightly synthetic smell, that will not offend or overpower anyone. Kind of like one of those Ozone air fresheners you spray in your car.

My notes on this frag may be paraphrased as, "Yuck, yuck, yuck!" So glad that someone finds it works for them, as it absolutely did not for me.
It's not something I will purchase or use. While it doesn't seem bad to me, though I can understand it may turn some folks off, I just didn't think it was that interesting or appealing.

I didn't like that one. Its one of a few that truly reminded me of some kind of cleaner, if not <gag>, a urinal cake!
I actually like the scent. Unfortunately, this one lasted as long as Trumpers Limes last on me. I think it was an hour before it disappeared.
I didn't like several of the GFT offerings when I got them in a sampler, but Skye is the one I truly hated. Reminded me of sweet Smartie candies mixed with laundry detergent.
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