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Geo. F. Trumper and QED (Father's Day?)

Just got off the phone with Charles at QED, 401.433.4045 and he has a limited number of Geo. F. Trumper Warwick Handled DE razors for any gentlemen interested.

Charles said:
from left to right: ebony, ivory (forget the song), tortoise, chrome/gold plated. Special one-time prices: $50, $50, $50, $60 + 5.99 S&H to continental US. Only one each, so interested parties best speak up quickly. Good razor heft, especially to head.
Austin said:
Ron, unfortunately all the chrome/gold razors were gone. I did score one of the tortoise shell razors. Thanks again for letting us know about this great deal.
Those are good looking razors. If they had a gold & tortoise shell I would be all over it.
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