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Genuine Flax Linen in 3" Widths Available Once Again !

Tony Miller

It has been several years but I was able to get some 3" genuine flax linen imported to use on my strops once again. Very nice weave to this, very similar to my 2 1/2" material and a very nice natural woodsy aroma to it as well.

Just updated the storefront to add this as an option to all of my 3" strops. Due to the wider width and that this came to me at current market prices it is a few dollars more than my 2 1/2" linen at $20 rather upgrade than $15. IMG_1711.JPG IMG_1708.JPG IMG_1709.JPG

I have a couple of your 3" No. 2 strops with cotton components. I also have one of your 2 1/2" fuzzy linen strops. I would love to have 3" linen to back one of the No.2 strops, but have no need to add another leather strop to my den. Would you consider selling just the linen component, prepunched to match your 3" No. 2 strops or even a 3" linen only strop similar to the 2 1/2" one you sold earlier? If so, I would be most interested.

Tony Miller

Not a problem. I always will sell components, hardware, etc....to previous customers. I can offer just the linen piece, punched, ends sealed and ready to install. Send me a message via my website and I will help get you setup.