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Gentlemanly Restraint Until End of Lent (GRUEL) 2023

Lent begins tomorrow. Happy Fat Tuesday! If you’d like to make your Lent slightly more GRUELing, how about joining this little community of brothers for encouragement and camaraderie as we exercise some Lenten restraint in the purchase of new shaving gear. Restrain those passions. Gain some self mastery in resisting those online sales. Fast from buying and see if your shave den loses weight by Easter.

Shave of the day posts are welcome as are discussions about the season.

Here’s a link you might find of interest:​
If you’re in, copy the list below and paste it in your reply, adding your name. Have a fruitful Lent!

1. Dominic
I spent money on Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. I got a bottle of witch hazel. I’ve been for out a long time. It’s always felt very soothing after a shave. Price has gone up since the last time I bought some.

The grocery store had Aqua Velva on sale. I’ve never used it before, so for $2.99, it was the time to try it. I got both the blue and the musk. They had Ice Sport. That was new (for the grocery store). I didn’t get that one. I sniffed it. Smelled like deodorant.
I'm in.

1. Dominic
2. djmillard
3. ChriWilson

Stole this from the 365 thread today:

Razor: Rockwell 6c
Blade: Gillette Super Thins (2)
Brush: Simpson T1
Lather: Classic Frankincense and Myrrh

First day of Lent so I chose a soap that was fitting. My plan is to use this for the next 40 days. I had never tried it before but the scent is pretty spot on and it lathers well. We'll see how long I can make it or if it gives me any irritation like most traditional shave soaps eventually do
My Fat Tuesday/pre-Lenten indulgence was a batch of Feather FHS-10 blades that a gentleman had for sale in the BST. I love my OneBlade, but have never bitten on Amazon or retailer prices. Now I've got a couple years' worth of buttery smooth shaves. :thumbup:
Yesterday's Shave:

Count me in. I'm not Catholic, or any other denomination that observes lent. But... I am Christian and believe in self restraint (with the occasional deprivation for self reflection). I'm also going to work on my language. From palm Sunday to Easter will be alcohol free. Good Friday to easter I may do a complete fast. I used to every year but haven't in 3 or 4 years.
Sodas and Energy Drinks are my Lenten restrictions. I've also incorporated over the years to make effort doing something extra, beneficially. To that end will be more optimism going forward during Lent.

Yesterday's shave was a very good one, once I got past the 1st pass on a dull Gold Dollar. Was able to finish up with a keenly honed Böker.

I calmly and optimistically contacted the entity who performed the readiness of my razor and they were quick to send out a shipping label to correct the situation :LMS

My fasts:

Complete fast Monday and Wednesday, water and forms of caffeine only
No junk food
No alcohol
No sweets
No bread or chips, rice is ok
Fish on Fridays
No social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
No tobacco or nicotine

We will see what sticks to the wall so to speak
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