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Gentle Man Razor Blades

Looking for information on Gentle Man Razor Blades. $gentle-man small.jpg

Supposedly these are American made for the German market. The blades have no branding or imprint on them. Anyone?
I received a pack of these as a gift on a 100 blade purchase from an ebay vendor. He sells under oktane-2008. The blades are surprisingly good and I have attempted to contact him via e-bay. No word yet.
thought I'd just follow up on this. I used one of these the other day, after about 2 and a half days growth of beard, I was very worried about using them. I'd never heard of them, couldn't find out anything about them here, and when I saw they had no markings at all on the blades, well I was worried.
So, I go with my standard shave and find I got a near BBS in spots, BBS in other places. The post shave alum block showed almost no irritation. So I was very happy. Now, that was just one shave, so I'll have to see how the blade does on the next shave, but these could at least be great one shave and toss blades.
Well, I heard from my ebay seller today, and guess what? The blades don't appear to be Russian. He think's they are German too. He did say he offer some if he gets them. I guess if people are interested in these we'll have to look at suppliers of German blades.
I bought a tuck with 5 blades, and I'm currently trying this blade out.
To me it is a pretty good blade, although I am only on the second shave.
The blade has no info on the blade itself, or the wrapper which is also blank.
I think this is strange of a product, almost like it wants to remain anonymous.
I'll see how far blade goes, and report after I toss it.
Interesting. Why would a manufacturer or distributor not want a uses to know how to contact them for more blades?
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