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FS Genesis & Supply SE - WTS

Hi all,

So these are not the most popular razors around here, but they are both nice but after a time I've just decided to stay mostly with more traiditonal DE razors. Both have only been used a handful of times, and are in perfect condition. So rather than have them take up space here in my den I've decided to sell both for what I believe to be a fair price. Knocking the Genesis down substantially from OneBlade MSRP - this is the most current iteration and purchased around February of this year. As far as the Supply this is also the latest release with updated design. Happy to answer all questions, feel free to PM. Cleaned with Barbacide prior to shipping. Thank you for looking - Paypal only/CONUS

Genesis - $125.00 + $8 shipping
Supply - $30 - +$8 shipping
Both - $150



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