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Generosity, And A New Pen

Today I met up with another local member of B&B (again) and shared thoughts of shaving, and what-not.

He presented me with my very first fountain pen, a jar of Parker ink and a small note pad made by Rhodia.

I've never really used one before, and he took the time to explain the workings and how to fill it.

I've wanted one for a while now to see if it will help with my incredibly horrible penmanship. And with the concentration needed (for me, a Noob to pens, anyway) I can tell it can make a difference.

Thank you, you know who you are!!!

Wow! That was awful nice!
Let me know how it works out. I've thought about getting a fountain pen myself but I haven't known what to get.
My father used to use fountain pens. He went to felt tip pens in the 1960s. When I hit college in 1972, he gave me his fountain pens. Parkers and Schaefers.

I went all the way thru college using one fountain pen! Yes, one...

This is 2010, and I'm still using one of his fountain pens. They will last forever if the plastic diaphram (right term?) doesn't get brittle. And, if used it seems to stay supple.

The biggest enemy of fountain pens is the owner! Just say no to dropping them on their tip.

Fountain pens rule!
Brilliant! A significant gesture and gift. I have been interested in such writing implements for some years,. Regrettably despite all my research and reading, I am yet to get my first fountain pen. It is just too difficult :sad: I've given up :laugh: Well done on the gift presenter. A wonderful and well considered sentiment!
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