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Generic DE Blades

This evening I stumbled across some generic DE blades while shopping at Walmart. (See pics below.) They are presented in a blister pack on a red and black cardboad backing. The text says "Precision Super Stainless Inoxydable". On the back of the package it states that this product was imported by "National Blade Company Ltd" and that the blades are "Made in Israel".

I have never seen these blades before; however, as they only cost $1.47 CAD per pack I decided to purchase some. My previous pack of blades was purchased at Zellers for $1.95 CAD -- they were the Super-Max blades and I must admit that, although I have never spent more than $2.00 CAD for 10 blades :blushing: , I have found these generic brands to be adequate for my shaving needs.

Question: Has anyone used these Precision blades from Walmart before? If so, what should I expect? I keep hearing everyone speak so highly of the Israeli Personna's -- could these be them???

- Ken -




I have used the Walmart blades off and on for years. I think the price has been $1.47 the whole time. Decent blades and a good deal for the price. I get a closer shave with Feathers though. I keep the Walmart blades in my travel kit. So cheap I don't feel bad throwing one away after one shave.

I used one of these blades a couple of days ago in both a red-tip SuperSpeed and an early model open comb razor... ... ... absolute garbage! I could hear the blade 'cutting' the hair on my face, but -- after 2 passes -- the hair just stood there as if nothing had been done. I tried a variety of cutting angles, and eventually succeeded in removing the hair; however, I would not venture to use another blade from the pack unless there were no other blades available.

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These are neither the israeli nor the american personnas, I don't know what they are... My local walmart carries the american personnas.
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