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General opinion of Orange Spice

I just tried RazoRock's Don Marco, which is bergamot neroli scented, and smells fantastic, so quickly looking into it I saw that Creed's Orange Spice has both bergamot and neroli, in addition to the very descriptive "spices".

The name has caught my eye before, but I don't see it mentioned very often, so I'll ask, those who've tried it, have you liked it, and how would you describe it?
Have not smelled it, but probably should at some point, it's one of the gray-top Creeds that is probably being vaulted, that being said it's supposed to smell a good deal like Kouros, which I own, which is fascinating. I wouldn't say there's orange in Kouros, but a lot of spice and incense.
Well, I've actually owned Orange Spice, so... Yes, it does resemble Kouros in its general structure, however it uses bergamot, mandarin and orange (shocker) as a more dominant note whereas Kouros uses patchouli, leather and oakmoss. There is civet (and/or the Creed house note of ambergris) in the base, however it's nowhere near as prominent as in Kouros. The civet mellows after the open and then plays a minor role in the drydown.
But, if you don't like Kouros, for reasons other than the civet, then you probably will not like Orange Spice. One is the more refined father, the other is the brash son, but the family resemblance is there.

I would buy this scent again.
If you are thinking of an edt to go with the soap, you might consider Czech & Speake Neroli. Neroli, orange blossom, orange absolute and ylang ylang according to Basenotes. Suppose to be very nice.
Hmm, Kouros is a scent which has intimidated me a little with its title of powerhouse, so I haven't tried it yet, but Archerfire has both Orange Spice and Neroli, so I'll give them both a try, and Kouros too if I run into it, just to see what you mean, I'm still exploring after all
This comment will be of very little use unless you have also tried Crown's Spiced Limes. But Creed's Orange Spice is a lot like Spiced Limes, but instead made with orange notes. I know that is of little use to those that haven't actually tried Spiced Limes, but it is just about the best way I can describe it. Oh, and it's wonderful, a bit short lived, but simply wonderful while it lasts. (about five or six hours, but strongly tapering off after that point)
What does 'gray-top' mean?

A reference to the cap color used on a specific line of Creed scents.

Grey-top Creed:


Non grey-top:


The grey tops are typically the older scents and are far less popular then their colored top bretheren and are sold in fewer locations. The bottles are visually indistinguishable from one another, they feature a clear printed label with the name of the scent either on the bottom of the bottle or on the front of it. Many of the grey tops have a higher % concentration than the colored tops.

Creed, like some of the other houses, have done a wonderful job at retaining the quality of their older scents, despite the dramatic, almost geometric, decline in quality of the newer releases.
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I've always said that Orange Spice is what Kouros wants to be when Kouros wants to "grow up." That said, I've owned both, liked them both, but sold them both.
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