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General Los Snus in US?

Just get a 3 or 4 mil oral syringe from the drug store and cut off the end with a razor knife. Works the same and most drug stores give those away for free. I have a 3 ml Icetool and it was really not worth the purchase to be honest.....

Actually, that's exactly what I ended up doing. I have a bunch of 3mls at home for self injections anyway, so I cut off the end and it works like a charm. My biggest draw to the IceTool is the gadget factor.
Yeah...that's one of the draws on anything for me...I'm a huge sucker for the whole "accoutrements" factor on just about anything. You should have seen my wife when I toyed with pipes...Dunhill Lighters are evidently not for men who wish to stay married. I still want an Icetool loose can to match my stainless Icetool. I regret buying the damn thing because it doesn't work any better than the cheapo version but now my OCD has to have it's mate...hmmm....maybe I got a razor I can sell to get it....lol.....
Could be a diabetic or like my wife have to B-12 injections to keep the crazy away. Lots of reasons out there bud that people have to use syringes....
Bought a 03ml Icetool from Grump and it was waiting for me when I got home! After letting it warm up in the house for a bit I loaded it up and put in a prilla of General Los. Definitely glad I bought it! A little bit thicker than the prillas the syringe that I was using made, which I like. I think the 03ml is the perfect size for me. I have a feeling this will be getting lots of use!
Lös has definitely clicked for me. Unless I'm in a situation that makes it impractical, I'm finding myself reaching for my can of General Lös over General Original or General Wintergreen.
One of my co-workers got into the los style as well. Congrats on finding something working well for ya!

Thanks! Using a tool definitely turned a corner on los for me. I wasn't so sure if it at first, but once I made a tool from a syringe, and then picked up an Icetool, it became a much better experience. Definitely takes some practice too.
Hey Luke, make sure that you wash the Icetool and oil the o ring with veg. oil occasionally. Happy new year!
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I'll definitely be sure to maintain the Icetool. I need to remember to give it a wash and oil when I get home today as it's feeling a bit stiff.
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