Gem Question Vintage or New?

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    That’s a fantastic razor! Very nice!
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  2. Wow. Nice scores! I thought I was lucky getting an unboxed MMOC in excellent condition.

    The Micromatics are really excellent shavers, and bargains on the vintage market.
  3. When you look at that chart to show how some of those razors differentiate for example on the Clog Pruf's the difference between the Clog Pruf and Clog Pruf peerless is the amount of teeth on the guard.
    the left one is the Clog Pruf and right Clog Pruf peerless
    They are as far as I can the same shaver

    on the Flying Wing Bullet tip Micromatics the ones with guiding eye look like this

    That circle on the cap is what makes it a guiding eye variant. The later variants don't have that circle. They are also far as I know the same shaver.
  4. Advertising claimed ASR had made some mid production adjustment in the Bullet Tip. This from 1949. More betterer I guess.


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  5. Dang, well done.....very nice!!!!
  6. I'm another who recommends going for a vintage Gem. I've owned/own a bunch of different DE and SE razors, but I've never been interested in vintage razors. But when I wanted to try a Gem razor, there wasn't much in the low to mid price range in new razors. So I took a chance on a vintage MMOC. It cost me about $25 and both visually and in terms of operation is like new. Most importantly, this is a great razor. It's hard to imagine a better Gem razor.
  7. ATT specifically designed the G1 to emulate the Gem 1912 shave. I have one, with both the earlier milder plate and the later slightly more aggressive plate. I can report that with the more aggressive plate it gives me the exact same shave I get from a Gem 1912.

    My only probem is that I have yet to try a 1912 -- three so far -- that gives me a close enough shave. Just me, but I seem to need an open comb in order to get the close shave I want. For me that's a PAA Starling V2 OC. I picked up a MMOC the other day and it's waiting in line for testing.

    I understood from ATT that since the G1 doesn't seem to be as popular a seller, they may or may not pursue development of an OC plate for it, which would make it a "G2" in their nomenclature. I'm hopeful. If they opt not to do it, I will take a closer look at my mild plate. I may be able to turn it into a "G2" plate or at least scallop the bar a little.

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  8. shave/brush

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    I just got this nice razor from ATT. It’s their modern version of a Gem type razor. Model ATT G1. It’s a real beauty and shaves really nice.
    First off I have to say putting it together for use is a bit tricky. Once I figured out how to do that all was fine.
    I used an ordinary Gem stainless steel blade. I hand stropped it a few times.

    It does give a nice smooth shave. Although similar to the ER-1912 it is different. It feels nice on your face. Maybe it’s the extra weight or the grooves in the head. I’m not sure why but I like it better than the ER-1912. To honest I haven’t use the 1912 in awhile but I don’t remember enjoying it as much as the G1.

    This razor gives such a nice smooth and close shave it’s worth every penny. You can get it with or without a handle. I will be keeping it.
  9. What modern gem razors lack compared to vintage ones is a convenient blade loading system. It's not saying that modern ones are uncomfortable. A variety of vintage blade loading system seems far superior to me.
  10. Ron R

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    I only have vintage Gem razors and a few Everready and one Star lather catcher razors and they are great shavers In my opinion.
    You can visit this thread and there are lots of information and kind of how I rate them as I used them.Gem Razor Models
    GEM Razor Cluster review 2019 (2).jpg
    Lots of used razors do not come with manuals on how to properly use these razors so I like to add these for reference.
    Gem instruction manual (2).jpg Gem procedure (2).jpg Blade review Revision #5 Dec14-2018.jpg
    Have some great shaves!
  11. Chromed like Harley? You made me buy a Streamline. I told my wife it is your fault. She said ok, no worries. Should be here Monday, I will then rev it up.
  12. Whew...I'm glad she forgave me! I was almost ready to jump into my VW beetle (I call him Harley) and get out of town. :001_rolle
  13. The streamline is a gorgeous razor. Enjoy it.
  14. I had a couple of VW 1) orange 2) white and 2 vans. I miss those W"s. Easy to work on.

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