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GEM junior 1912 Unique handle

I’m pretty new to the antique razor world. I’ve started collecting them and I’m very interested in all types of antique safety razors. I just purchased a GEM 1912 razor from an antique store for 15$.
It seemed like a reasonable price considering the shape it’s in. I started doing more reasearch on the particular razor I bought and looking at pictures. I then noticed a small detail in the handle that was different from any other GEM 1912 razor I’ve ever seen. I’m very intrigued by this and also very curious as to why it is different. My guess is it’s a manufacturing flaw but I’d like to get some thoughts and ideas from other people. The first picture is mine. The second one is the normal handle. You can see the how the small milling on the corners stops half way down on mine.

Maybe it was lunch break bugle at the factory which gave you this unique piece !

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