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    The GEM FW was my first SE acquisition. It's mild and requires a little pressure because of the lack of weight. I still use it occasionally, but prefer the MMOC with the bumps for its brutal efficiency.
  1. I have some gem ptfe blades coming in. Is there anywhere I can buy like one or two of the treet and the blue blades. Tryablade only has the gem persona blades. I see the treet on Amazon and the blue but smallest is 5.
  2. The Featherweight is a fine razor that is somewhat different from other SE razors. The handle and the weight can take a little getting used to. I hated it after my first two attempts and put it away. A few weeks later, I picked it up again and really got the hang of it. It is a nice shaver. I prefer the G-Bar but the Featherweight is a welcome part of my rotation.
  3. Connaught is ridiculously cheap shipping to US.

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  4. Still doesn't beat $23 shipped for this item from that vendor on amazon.
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  5. Palm stropping will dull the edge out quicker. If you have to palm strop it should only be on a coated blade and only before the first shave if the blade is too harsh for you. After the first shave they become much smoother once you remove the initial layer of ptfe coating on the blade edge. Carbon or uncoated stainless doesn't have this problem. The other way to deal with that is slice it once through a piece of cork or foam before first using.

    If you have problems finding Treet blades the CVS carbon steel blades are very good also.
  6. Connaught is under $33 shipped for 200.

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  7. I was referring to the vendor in the link not Connaught. Connaught now that I know the shipping cost for a 100 pack is approximately $19 USD shipped which is cheaper than $23 shipped. Looks like I was wrong on Connaught not being cheaper.
  8. I don't think there is any difference between the Treet and Blue Star blades, I have a feeling they just package to different customers under the different names to keep the trademarks active. I have a few loose Blue Stars and Pal blue blades, I could mail you a couple of each if you PM me your address.

    Frankly, I do not think they are better than the PTFE coated stainless blades and don't last as long. But if you want a real retro shave, that's a way to get one.

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