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    So I will be receiving a gem featherweight soon and was wanting any tips anyone can give me. I was told the gem persona single edge blades are good and found a couple on eBay. Is there any place to buy like 100 blades inexpensive. Also are there any other blades besides the gem persona blades that are good so I can try different blades. I saw treet blades but don't know if they are for shaving. I have been told to start with the razor flat on face and barely lift the back. Anything else I need to know or would help me get good shaves from it.
  1. Personna PTFE are the ones to buy. Connaught UK has best prices for 100+.
  2. So those are the only blades for that razor?
  3. Thank you for the info on blades. Definitely the cheapest I've found.
  4. Oh and about the shave...just follow the advice you were given. I found the learning curve to be short.
    Just make sure the blade lines up dead center. You don’t want a corner extending even the slightest from the side of the cap.

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  5. If it’s not already obvious by the name, the featherweight is light. If you’re used to heavy razors, it will take several shaves to get used to it.

    Start with the head of the razor flat on your face and then lift the back ever so little and shave. You’ll get the hang of it and be able to find the proper angle in no time.

    The featherweight is a very mild razor, but will reward you with smooth and comfortable shaves.
  6. There are other blades available - GEM Blue Star, PAL, and Treet are all carbon steel blades and are all produced at the same factory in Verona, Virginia USA. GEM also makes an uncoated stainless steel blade. DORCO makes SE blades that will fit your razor; they are not well-regarded here.

    The PTFE-coated GEM blades are primarily aimed at use in laboratory equipment and are extremely sharp, so be extra careful for the first two or three shaves.
  7. The GEM PTFE are my favorite. I’ve found them for 30 cents each on Etsy
  8. I do think the GEM SS PTFE blades are the best overall GEM-style SE blades (IMO). The pros for me are they're inexpensive and they last twice as long as the carbon blades. Connaught in the UK is the cheapest I've found, just be warned that they're in the UK and if you're in the US (or Canada) you're in for a bit of a delivery wait. The only downside to these blades is that many folks (including me) find the first shave or two to be a bit harsh. These blades seem almost too sharp initially, and that can make the first shave a little uncomfortable. That said, the GEM Featherweight is the razor I (and a few others) use to tame the blade. The Featherweight is on the mild side as GEM razors go, so it does a nice job of breaking in the blade. Some people also just run the edge through a piece of cork or palm-strop to sort of knock the initial harshness of the blade down.

    Another blade I use is the Treet Carbon blade. You can find them on Amazon. They are good to go right out of the box. They cut well for me and they are smooth to the very end, but they suffer from two issues: I only get 5 to 6 shaves from them (versus the 10 to 12 I get from the GEM SS PTFE -- and others get many more); and they are carbon, so you need to dry them after use. I always dry my blades (carefully), but even being disciplined about drying the carbons, I find the blade itself will show signs of oxidation....not on the cutting edge (if you dry them), but on the body of the blade. Given the care needed and the limited number of shaves, I tend to use the GEM SS PTFE blades more than the Treets.

    Lastly, I want to stress to be careful if you get a blade sampler pack from Tryablade. The only two blades I found usable in the sample were the GEM SS PTFE and the PAL blue carbon blade. The other plain SS and GEM Carbon shaved like I would imagine a hardware store razor blade would shave like....a truly awful experience. So I try to warn new folks. I did like the PAL Blue Carbon blades, but they are really expensive, don't last as long as the GEM SS PTFE, and they're hard to find. They have a cool "vintage" look, but I can't bring myself to spend the money on them.

    The Featherweight is a great razor, and if you're new to SE shaving it's a good one to start with. The other GEMs are great as well, and when you're ready to shave, come join us for a GEMonday/Micromatic Monday shave. A bunch of us GEM guys post and discuss our Monday morning (and often other days) shaves here: Micromatic Monday

  9. Thanks for the info. I will probably try the treet blades as well. From the sound of it will also palm strop before using the gem blades. I will also check out the link you posted. Thank you for the detailed information about the Gem razor.
  10. You can get them cheaper on amazon and free shipping.

    My suggestion though is buy a few singles from before spending on a 100 pack to make sure they are blades you would want to use. Gem razors have at least 4 types of blades available, you have carbon steel, blue carbon steel, stainless steel uncoated and stainless steel ptfe coated.

    Though they are a little more expensive you can get the carbon steel and stainless steel uncoated 10 packs at CVS or Walgreens.
  11. When I was looking Amazon had similar but not the same pfte coated ones. You have to compare SKU-s and part # carefully. GEM makes several blades, see their own site. Some are meant for boxes and paint scraping not faces or lab tissue.

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  12. Practice, if the first few shaves are no good don't write off the razor if you haven't used an SE or don't use them very often. It takes a few shaves to get the angle and pressure correct along with being consistent for multiple passes and such then you need to get used to the feel of that style of blade.
  13. Those are the right blades, you can look them up on the manufacturers web site to cross reference the part number. As long as they are 3 facet blades they are suitable for shaving.
  14. And I don’t think those are Personna GEMs. Different part# and sku and Personna GEM are not called “extra keen”.

    These may be similar so I cannot say they won’t perform as well. Just not the same as those we are all referencing. Buyer be aware.

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  15. I respectfully admit I may be way wrong on this. If so, apologies in advance. My intent is not to be adversarial. I promise.

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  16. 62-0165 GEM Extra Sharp Coated Single Edge Blade

    That is the cross reference. I am pretty sure they are one and the same company though from my understanding is they either charge shipping when buying direct or have a minimum $ order. Actually the listing is for electron microscopy services but the razor blade company is the shipping vendor.

    Here is their storefront which leads back to that listing.
    The Razor Blade Company @

    The other thing to look at is price you won't find 100 packs of coated stainless steel blades for less than about $20 the uncoated ones you can regardless of the vendor or shipping options.

    Lastly it helps to read the reviews in this case. If they weren't suitable for shaving you'd see all sorts of reviews of from people looking to get blades on the cheap and wound up with the wrong blades complaining.
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  17. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    I think the Gem feather weight is a great razor to start with and when mastered is one excellent razor with great results. One of my favorites for travel and first uses of a new GEM Personna SS PTFE coated blade.
    I borrowed this from Gem Razor Models and a lot of others enjoy this razor also.
    GEM 1950’s Featherweight SE Razor [​IMG]

    Weight: 1 oz (30 grams) lightest of the GEM line I’m testing!

    Blade gap: .023 thousands of a inch (.58 mm)

    Blade exposure:

    Blade: Gem Personna SS PTFE blade (5)

    Material: plastic and Special alloyed brass?

    Handling: Very nimble and easy to shave with this light razor, this GEM Feather weight is all operator driven enjoyment.

    A person has to apply some pressure because of weight lacking making sure technique is dialed in and just let the razor talk to you as it snipes beard whiskers with smoothness galore for razor gliding & feeling non threatening.

    The blade is secured between top cap and base plate by a adequate spring pressure + blade has very good support by base plate bridging to safety bar that reduces chatter.

    The razor looks cheap but like the old saying goes “never judge a razor by its looks!”

    You might be pleasantly surprised by end results that this GEM Feather weight delivers for it’s weight design.

    I’m really enjoying this smooth little whisker slicing chopper disintegrater razor as I can easily treat my self to great shaves.

    Regular shaves , J hooking & buffing + GEM slide maneuvers can be handled with great ease and shaves are generally CCS>DFS>BBs .

    This razor is a pleasant daily driver shaver for my medium type beard and delivers good end results consistently
    and verified by the Alum block and cotton ball testing.(This razor was designed to compete against Schick E & G model series and other light variants and to keep GEM owners content IMO.) [​IMG]
    Some procedure manuals and Blade review IMO!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Enjoy your Feather weight razor and after a few shaves you more than likely start to dial it in.
    Have some great shaves!
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  18. Another vendor to look at for ptfe coated blades. Link should be okay to post since it is a direct sale here on etsy.

    100pk @ $22
    GEM Single Edge Razor Blade PTFE Coated 100 Pack

    10pk @ $3
    GEM Single Edge Razor Blade PTFE Coated 10 Pack

    I don't know how much the shipping is but should be viable for CONUS. Not that Conaught isn't a bad vendor or anything like that just that international shipping drives the cost up and they aren't a sole source supplier so there is no need to bear that extra cost on the blades.

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