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    I bought some of these from Tryablade and I like them. I inquired about what the model number was for them thru Tryablade but unfortunately I never got a reply back. I'd really like to buy a 100 pack of these but I'm not sure which ones they are from a model / part number standpoint. I'd also like to get them at a lower cost if possible. If anyone could chime in that does know what model or part number these blades are I'd very much appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks
  1. CVS or Rite aid brand GEM blades are carbon. Walgreen's sells stainless steel blades.

    Be careful buying blades from Amazon, some are not meant for shaving.
  2. 3 or more facet blades are what you want.

    Not sure if they are the same as the ones from try a blade.

  3. The Gem carbon steel blades are commonly sold as Gem Blue Star. I see them on Amazon or in the local stores all the time. I personally like those blades better than the stainless steel blades because they hold an edge better and is slightly stiffer, making for a smoother shave. Care must be taken with them as they will tarnish and rust easily and do not last as long as the stainless steel ones. If you got a OneBlade, the carbon steel blades are easier to modify as the notch you punch out on the ends will snap off cleanly while the stainless steel blades will sometimes bend instead of cutting off.
  4. If you struggle with the gem, try Treat carbon. Very smooth and long lasting.
  5. I can't give you a part number for GEM carbon blades but I can give you a part number for PERSONNA (Pal) carbon blades in 100 blade blister pack. They work better for me, but YMMV. Part # 62-0177. At times, I see them on Ebay for $12 shipped, which is a good price.
  6. Ted Pella sells GEM carbon steel 3-faceted blades in bulk; they also carry 3 facet PAL SE carbon blades. Gem, PAL, and Treet SEs are produced by the same manufacturer in the same plant.
  7. Thanks everyone for the links and the great information. Below is a PDF from some of the 2016 product offerings. In part it led to my confusion as to what blade I was using. This is due to the fact that there are several Carbon blades listed in it. I'm sure I'll come up with something. Thanks Again :thumbsup:

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  8. I tried a Treet carbon steel SE blade this morning. I had placed the blade in my GEM Jr last week. I found that the body of the blade had corroded from the humidity, but the blade edge had not.

    It was a perfect shave for me. DFS+, no soreness, no irritation. I dried the blade and the inside of my GEM.

    Now I'll see how long this blade can last.

    This is the first carbon steel blade that has had any rust issues for me, but it did not show inside my razor, and it was not on the blade edge.
  9. Shave 2 was also very good with the Treet carbon steel SE blade. The body of the blade had more corrosion on it, even after drying the blade and razor thoroughly. It did not extend to the blade edges, so there was no effect on the quality of the shave.

    I did order some PAL and GEM blue blades to try. It is so nice to be able to shave with my beloved GEM 1912 again!

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