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FS Gealousy brush, H.L. Thater plexi handle brush, 3 aftershaves.

Gealousy, 28 x 53 fan knot beehive. Knot is treated during manufacture to create hooked “gel tips”. They work as advertised - very smooth. $45 CONUS.

H.L Thater silvertip in nice square plexiglass handle. Bulb knot, just over 25 mm at the handle, loft about 50 mm. A soft brush with enough backbone to make it work. Decent density. $70 CONUS.

Swiss Pitralon 60%, Varesino Tundra Artica 60%, Myrsol Don Miguel 90+%. All three for $20 with either brush, $30 alone. CONUS.


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