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Gave up on DE Razors


My exploding razor knows secrets
To add a simple illustration that I draw to explain brushstroke techniques to my friend.
Maybe it can help a little bit for OP to improve comfort and efficiency.
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I guess I was lucky with my experience switching to DE safety from cartridge razors. Since I was 14-15 yrs old I had been shaving with some sort of twin blade cartridge razor. Back in the 1970's I started with the old Trac II and then had an Atra for years. Eventually I started using the disposable cart razors. That brings us up to 2020 when I made the change to using a DE safety razor basically for the economic advantage. I could buy 100 blades for $8. My first was the Wilson Sword TTO razor since it was easily available locally. I watched some YT videos on how to use one in terms of using a light touch and proper angle etc.

My first time I did get a couple nicks or "weepers" but overall, I too wasn't really impressed with my first pass. Still, every shave I kept at it and tried a 2nd pass and then worked my way up to a 3rd pass all the while practicing my technique for a solid month. Then I bought myself a couple of vintage Gillette razors. A 3-piece Tech and a TTO. I came to realize I love the Tech in its mildness and ability to control since it shorter than my Wilson TTO and lighter in weight. Now all that being said I have been using my vintage Techs (I have 3 now) and can now easily get a decent one pass shave if I need and if I want a DFS or BBS shave I just make a 2nd pass. I don't get irritation and rarely cut myself unless because of user error or the blade needs to be replaced.

After almost 2 rears using a DE razor, I finally bought a couple of modern 3-piece razors and occasionally use a cart razor but for the most part it's DE razor for me. The cost is so much less than spending money on the cartridge razors and I enjoy shaving more.
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