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Gauging Interest - Professional Quality B&B DVD II?

Should a PROFESSIONAL Studio Quality Shaving DVD be made?

  • YES

  • NO.... get a life!

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Nick has a very close connection who is is director of cinematography for a hit tv show and we could potentially take a trip down to LA and create a professional (in a studio) DVD shaving tutorial/guide. This would be a summer project (a few months away) - however it would require quite a bit of work, and we'd start on the script and such in the very near future.

Bottom line - we want to see how interested you guys are - and if it would be a worthwhile project!

I just ordered my DVD yesterday, so I cannot comment on the quality of the one that was already made or whether or not it would be worth it to move on to a professional quality one (for the same reason, I have currently abstained from voting). Again, having not yet watched this video, I hope that the following suggestions are not moot.

That being said, I think a series of DVDs would/could be very interesting. Perhaps it could be broken up into a beginner, intermediate, and advanced type of format. Recommended tools for each stage along with suggestions for the products that best fit one's skill level (ex. most forgiving creams for a beginner, or best razors to wait to use until you are intermediate). Perhaps a section with visuals and descriptions of what types of brushes would work best with different cream or soap options. This could also include a lather building tutorial for each brush and cream/soap combo. You could also build a trouble shooting section where users could pick their issue from a menu and see what probable solutions are available.

If presented well, I would bet that you could get some of our favorite vendors to market these and maybe even bundle each video with some optional tools and products that the user could shave with after watching the video.

The possibilities are truly endless, it ultimately depends on how much time/money can be invested in the venture.
i prob. wouldn't buy it but i think others would. how much are you thinking of charging? what exactly are you thinking about doing for the video? topics, length, demos, etc....

if you could get someone to sell them (qed) you could prob. sell some to people wanting to learn about it, or ebay for that matter.
While it sounds interesting, I think that there is probably a law of diminishing returns, especially if you consider market and saturation..:001_rolle
I'd like to see a Ward teaches Beaver Cleaver how to shave movie! A black and white father-son parody could be informative and entertaining. :cool:

Of course, my tastes are fairly demented and the Beave slicing his own throat open wouldn't exactly be family friendly. :scared:
I would think that there would be a good opportunity to cross-market such a video with the likes of Charles at QED and Robert at TGS. It would give them a primer to sell to new customers as an introduction to wet shaving, give you some partners to share the production costs, and increase sales of the DVD all around.

Joel, I'm going to go out on a limb and say, it depends. :biggrin:

If the emphasis of B&B DVD II is on techniques, then I could see the value of upgrading the cinematography. Not to say that Nick did a bad job with DVD I; it's just that if you were doing a segment on common trouble spots, like shaving the neck, or shaving the chin, or whatever, then maybe you'd want to do close-ups and different angles, that sort thing. Otherwise, I think the quality of DVD I was fine (well, the soundtrack--read: tripod--could be improved, but that's about it).

So, really, it depends on what you're planning on covering in DVD II, and if this will knock up the cost of the DVD then that trade-off needs to be taken into account as well.

I'm with Mike and the others who've recommended new content along with any new cinematography.

I personally think one area that would benefit a lot from professionally-lit new "takes" would be lather-building (hot-pot, method shaving, soaps vs. creams, water-loading, etc.), and maybe some sort of "stress testing" of lather that would show how differently built lathers perform in terms of slickness, etc. Any scientists in the audience? Perhaps 3-D animators to show Gillette-esque extreme close-ups of proper and improper blade angles?

I also like Kyle's troubleshooting section idea.

sincea I haven't purchased the "classic" dvd as of yet, i am wondering how much improvement would b shown on this one. I do like the idea of beginner, intermediate, and advanced as already advocated. closeups and techniques could be other sections also-as previosly mentioned.

Although I think a "professional" DVD might be great, there is something about the first DVD that "keeps it real". You know, just like in Lynn's Straight Razor Shaving video when he nicks himself.

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