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Gauging Group Buy Interest

FTFY :lol:

I don't need another brush, but I may very well want this depending on the cost...

FTFY? Whats that stand for?

I didn't need the last brush I bought. Or the brush before that. Honestly, I could probably have gone several more years with just the BBE. I've got to justify it somehow. :lol::lol:
Ok. This buy is going to happen. We are just preparing final details.

From what I understand so far, butterscotch is definitely not happening. The brush will be the stock ivory color.

Furthermore, it looks like it will have "Best Badger" stamped on the handle which will add to the customizing of this brush since all Eagles are stamped "Pure Badger".

I am awaiting numbers regarding final cost and the turnaround time to get these brushes done. Also, awaiting answer regarding 47-48mm loft.

I am hoping that by the end of this week we have all the final details ironed out and we can set up the order link through WCS.

The Eagle Soars! :thumbup1:

"I love it when a plan comes together"

it's been 14 days since you posted the interest.

is this gonna happen? can you provide pricing? or are these being made but wont release pricing till production is completed????

sorry, this might come across a bit rash, but just want some answers as you can see i am getting very antsy! LOL.

Thanks for putting an effort on this!!!:thumbup1:
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"Got Shoes?"
I can certainly appreciate your anxiousness because I am anxious as well. :biggrin:
However, we are still awaiting final details. It has been my experience that these things take a little time to get rolling then BAM! they take off.

We're still waiting for the BAM! part. :yesnod:

All I can promise is that when I know, you'll know. Thanks for your patience and your edit. :wink:
I'm interested depending on price (I'm not really working right now).

BUT, I don't have a Simpson, and I would love to add one to my brush stable. :thumbup1:
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