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Gas Range Recommendations

I'm thinking of buying a gas range (cook stove) to replace an electric range (w/convection oven) that I have. I would love to hear from anyone who's had a gas stove. I've used a few, in various settings, but never have owned one. I have heard that gas ovens are not as convenient as electric ovens, but I know there is a clear benefit to the gas cooktop, at least from what I've read and know about how they work. I suppose they do make combo electric oven/gas cooktops. One of the reasons, though, that I want to look into a gas appliance is that they can be used even when the electricity fails. So, give me any and all of your comments and experiences. Thanks.
Gas stoves are great. I can't stand cooking with an electric cooktop, you have such little control over heat in comparison.

Check to make sure the model you select can be used without electricity. Some of the modern ones may have safety features that prevent gas flow without it being monitored. I doubt the oven is going to work without electricity, but some burners may allow manual lighting.
We love our gas range, wish we had an electric oven. Gas is great because you can shut it completely off if you have a problem. Natural gas is cheap. Seems to heat up faster. I would not pay too much attention to name brands. Every brand has it kinks and you can always buy a unit that has some issues. We have Whirlpool and love it, but others have complained about them. So, there you go.
The convection oven you presently have is a highly desirable feature, and you should think about keeping it if you use the oven a lot, especially for baking.

If you have a smooth-top electric range, look into getting an Induction plate that will sit on top of the stove. These are available for under $100, and will give you much more control over cooking temps than either electric or gas. They are much more efficient, too, transferring 90% of electricity into heat. They will heat up and cool down much faster, also. You need to use certain cookware with Induction, cast-iron is best, stainless steel is acceptable, but aluminum, ceramic or hard-anodized will not work.

I can't ever think of a time when I have used more than one burner at a time on a four-burner stove. But if you need it, you can fit two induction plates side-by-side on a normal 30-inch wide stove.
One burner at a time??
I frequently use all 6.
I think this is very much a YMMV issue depending on level of culinary interest.
When we were shopping for a new range we came across a model that had a gas cooktop with an electric oven - best of both worlds IMHO. We didn't get it because we have no gas service in our neighborhood, and decided that putting in a tank (like our neighbor did) was too much trouble and expense.
Most manufacturers make a "duel fuel" range. Gas top and electric oven. The only gas ovens that work without electricity have a standing pilot, but they are few and far between these days.
There is a reason every restaurant chef and every chef on the cooking channels uses a gas stove. We live in a hurricane region as well and it sure is convenient. We also have a Wolf gas oven and a Dacor electric oven..lMy wife , who is an excellent cook and baker much prefers the gas oven, she says it's so much more convenient to use and it works.


Wanting for wisdom
I'd like to have a gas cook-top but I'd have to redo some cabinets to add clearance. I currently have a microwave/oven hood. Life gets complicated.
I have a gas cooktop and an electric oven. Really nice combo. The cooktop and oven are KitchenAid and the cooktop is a 4 burner. I wanted a 6 but I didn't have the space. The cooktop you get will depend heavily on the room you have for it cabinet-wise. Once you narrow that down, it really helps limit the choices and decision. I completely prefer cooking on gas - I can't stand cooking on electric, old style or smooth cooktop style. The other thing to consider is an induction burner. Also, you may want to consider the venting as well. If you really go up in BTU, you may need to upgrade the vent. And if you go any bigger heat-wise than that, there are code issues about backsplashes around the cooktop.
I'd like to have a gas cook-top but I'd have to redo some cabinets to add clearance. I currently have a microwave/oven hood. Life gets complicated.

It really would be worth the effort Mike. The control of heat is just so marvelous. It's so much more difficult to correctly saute and make à la minute dishes such as sand dabs, veal or venison scallopini or especially Fegato alla Veneziana without a gas cooktop. It's so much easier to get that kind of dish JUST right when you have immediate control over the heat.

A round of gas burners for all my friends.....
Greetings and salutations!

I thought I'd resurrect this old thread because I'm rehabbing my kitchen and will need a new, 30-inch-wide gas range to replace my tiny, 20-inch-wide Aldi. The Internet offers many many options and opinions and I'm thoroughly baffled by the wide range of prices and features.

What are "must-have" features? "Nice-to-have" features? "Avoid-at-all-costs" features?

My criteria:
30 inches wide
Gas oven and burners
Intuitive, reliable oven controls
Stainless steel construction
Solid-feeling knobs, handles, etc.
Budget will accommodate anything up to $1500 or so

B&B members have often steered my right so I thought I'd return to the well one more time.

Thanks to all!
This is what I put in my kitchen last fall when I did my remodel. Mine is black instead of stainless, but it has been excellent for me. Price is around half your budget too. I've got a cast iron griddle that I use on the oval center burner. That burner was one of the things that I really wanted.
It has a small simmer burner in the back corner, nice large burner in front of it. Stove-top can be lit manually in case of power outage.
Everything is sturdy and easy to use.
All three top racks come off for easy cleaning.

Kenmore 74233 5.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range w/ Convection - Stainless Steel
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