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Garage Gyms

Ive been a keen runner for years, 10K is where I perform best. However, due to COVID-19 and my wife’s health, my family and isolated in our house for 12 weeks (we’re on week 8).
To maintain fitness, and justify my cake consumption, I’ve cobbled together a ‘gym’ in my garage. In these weird times it’s a great place to retreat to and pretend I’m Arnie (which I definitely ain’t)!
Id love to see other people’s improvised home gyms.
God bless.


Looking good! I'm really shocked there are zero replies to this, it seems like a very B&B thing.

I started mountain biking last year and realized I need to get it together fitness wise if I was going to have any fun. Powerlifting wasn't enough so I started some circuit training. Fast forward to Covid19 lockdown/wfh and I finally built my dream garage I've wanted since 2017 when I started powerlifting. It was about a three month project with the floor I had to build to level things out and finding all the weights I wanted. I also built a plyo box while I was at it.


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