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Game Changer .84-P The Last Razor

Okay so I just got a package in the mail from Italian Barber. I open it up and find the Razorock BBS Standard with the HD handle, the Gamechanger 0.84-P, and the BBS A plate. Tonight I did my first shave with the GC 0.84-P with the Bulldog handle.
First Impressions: Beautiful machine work, and finishing. The knurling was very well done, much better than the Rockwell 6S, and was actually cut/tooled in properly. This is the first razor of that sort I have had the pleasure of owning. Both the HD and Bulldog handles were like this. The bulldog handle does not stand upright though, which was a bit of a disappointment, but not a big deal. The heads were machined very well, I saw a few tool marks on the edges that were posished off that gave the razor such good character.
Shaving: Boy was this thing smooth. I used a Feather with 1.5 shaves on it (a full 3 pass and a 1 pass to get me out the door hehe), and Stirling Margaritas in the Artic soap with a synthetic Razorock Plissoft that ive used for nearly every shave for the past 2.5 years or so, and Duke Cannon after shave. This razor required no buffing. I thought having a thin head was just a rave, but no, its amazing. Compared to a chunky head like a 6S or a Fatboy, this thing is amazing under the nose or the ears. I did a full 3 pass shave WTG, XTG, & ATG. I had little blade feel and was pretty lazy with stretching skin. On a stress pimple (finishing up my last semester of engineering school, starting my new job, finding a place to live, and getting married in the next 74 days does that to a guy), I got a small nick because it took the skin with it off the top of the pimple. But that was it for a relaxing, smooth, and efficient BBS shave.
Notes: Loading the blade is a bit funky, however this looks like its a canadate to be my new daily so im sure I will get it down pat. Great razor! Now I wanna try the BBS tomorrow hehe. Im sure I will eventually pick up the .68-p at some point but im worried it might seem too mild to me.
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