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Riding the cap➡
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I've not used the Wolfman you own (nor any other Wolfman).

I have used the Karve F OC and the Karve G SB.
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These are the gaps and blade exposures for these Karve baseplates.

When using the Karve F and G baseplates I use a steep angle (perhaps not as steep as the illustration, but I'm not paying much attention to the angle). Actually, I'm mostly paying attention the feedback of the razor - the tactile feedback, the audible feedback - and how it's shaving.

I'm not saying how you should use the razor. I don't know its best angle for you. Steep is always best for me, but that's me.

There are plenty of things we can do wrong in shaving, but the main ones revolve around "too much" or "overdoing."
  • Too much pressure. It's amazing how little pressure is needed. A super light touch is all you need.
  • Too many passes or strokes of the cutting edge across our sensitive and easily damaged skin.
  • Too much desire for a close shave instead of a comfortable shave.

Under-doing it is key.

Nothing wrong with using the razors you are already familiar with instead of the Wolfman. You might practice with the Wolfman occasionally? I'd hold onto it for a while. It will not go down in value.

There can be a considerable learning curve with some of these razors.

Happy shaves,

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