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    Hello Gents,
    although I've only just joined this wonderful forum, at the risk of being ostracised I'll put forward one of my all time favourite scents - GF Trumper's Ajaccio Violets. Compared to a 'whore's handbag' at times, I find the deep, woody, mossy scent both alluring and troubling. It is a fragrance that takes on many changes throughout the day, and I think more than usual reacts to body heat, chemistry and mood. Some days I have worn this and it has been mellow and soft, others it has raged and battled uncontrolled. It certainly has a life of its own and will not sit idly on the skin. The rewards are that you smell like no one else; it has a deep meditative quality that seems to affect the senses; people will be attracted to the scent (those discerning) and you can smell the changes for yourself throughout the day.
    It is not a young man's fragrance, and I say that with respect for youth, it is an older man's scent with the world weariness to carry it. I hope I do it justice as I know it is does for me.
    I suggest try it for a short time, in autumn or winter (it is not for warm weather) and see how it affects you. If you enjoy its warmth and oddness, wear it for yourself and let others enjoy - or not.

    With fond regards,
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    Big fan of all the Trumper's products I've tried. I don't get on with floral very much and I haven't tried Ajaccio as a result, although I can say, I'm fairly certain it's a quality made fragrance, as you've declaired. I've been on a kick with their GFT cologne for a couple years now. Really great citrus, herbal, musky fragrance.

    Nice review & welcome to B&B!
  2. I agree about the GFT cologne, that's a favourite in summer. it has a lovely citrus without being to lemon or bitter. I also like the Wild Fern which I just got recently. Hard to compare it to anything else, has a deep botanical scent but not as heavy as the violets, and dries off to a soft mossy earthy scent. As you say, high quality products and you can't go wrong. I'm yet to try their Spanish Leather which I'm curious about.
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    Nicely said.

    Perhaps it's like a much more refined Grey Flannel ... the violet hammer!

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    I had a bonus of picking a few samples on an order I made a few years ago and Spanish Leather was one that I picked. Personally? I loved it. My Wife? No so much. I still have it and use it whenever she's away from time to time. If you like leather frags, theirs is definitely worth checking out.... If not by ordering a sample vial.

    I hate to sound like a Trumper fan boy (maybe I am) but it's true... They are a house that excels in their fragrances, whether simple or complex.
  5. +1
  6. A great classic scent, and their soap pairs perfectly. I just wish there was a AS that matched, but their Coral comes close.
  7. I own Ajaccio Violets. I like it sometimes in the summer. Seems rather short lived on me but I’ve heard that violet can cause short term loss of smell so maybe others can enjoy it even after I’ve stopped smelling it.
  8. Easily still one of my favorites, but as others have said, it's a fleeting scent.

    You can stretch out it's longevity a bit by applying moisturiser to the area of your skin you like to spray it on beforehand.

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