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G.E.Jones Shake Sharp razor

My Fiancée came across this fantastic razor today and snagged it quick. It's a G.E.Jones Shake Sharp razor, 'the razor that sharpens itself.' It looks like an SE but uses DE blades...although only exposing one side of the blade at a time. It also has a hone built into a cunning glide that you can run against the blade to sharpen by shaking the razor back and forth, if you so desire.

i know nothing about these razors but am frantically surfing. The early returns are that it shaves somewhere between an SE and a straight.....who hoo! I'll just share some pics and do some reading...but I'll post a review after I use this sucker tomorrow.


I have one. They do shave very well. Be careful, it'll bite if you are careless. Yours looks to be a newer version guessing by the styling of it.
Wow, interesting. You have a great woman. Let us know how it shaves. Regardless, it's a looker. Definitely a collection piece if nothing else
That's very cool. I love to see all the ideas that people tried to compete in the market. Where did she find it? Antique store? Yard Sale?
That's very cool. I love to see all the ideas that people tried to compete in the market. Where did she find it? Antique store? Yard Sale?
This one was from an antique store...there are probably ten different antique stores and malls in town. :thumbup: We did a crawl through a few of our favorites las night as well as a new one that just opened. Man are we in the right place...and the worlds largest antique fair opens in a few weeks.....planning on at least one twelve hour day there.
I have one of these also. It is fun to shave with so many different types of razors instead of just what you can get at the drugstore. This does indeed shave very much like a SE like GEM 1912 for me, YMMV, however I don't use the sharpening feature as I use stainless blades and I don't think it works the same as it would on carbon steel blades.

Let us know what you think.
Holy cow! What a fantastic razor! I was completely blown away. Seating the blade wasn't the easiest thing in the world and I decided on an Astra sp as a good test subject. The blade exposure is pretty great and it was a tad intimidating at first. The angled head however allowed for a very intuitive way to find correct blade angle. This baby sings! The feedback was amazing and the shave ridiculously close and comfortable. The razor has a very solid heft too which is different from other SE razors I've used, albeit it's not a long list. (I must also give a quick nod to the TH 1805 that I tried For the first time today. Fantastic soap...face lathered with my shavemac 2-band and this is now officially my favorite shaving soap hands down.)

After my xtg pass I realized that I had about as close a two pass shave as I've ever gotten. Did an xtg anyway and the razor design still made for a very intuitive process. It's almost twelve hours after my shave and you'd swear I just finished and slapped on an asb.

So happy TDG found this. A much different experience...and much closer to an SE than I was expecting, but with feedback somewhat akin to a straight. Hard to see how this doesn't stay in the rotation.

HERES a pic of the blade exposure....


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So I mixed the shake-sharp into my rotation and have used it six times....three full three pass shaves on each side of the Astra. I am officially stunned by the shave. The feedback is amazing and I swear this could be my favorite razor. Just had Doc work on Four straights of mine and they shave like butter. My ATT and British Aristocrat #21 represent the finest intersection of design and build that I've found.

Butt his razor is almost a miracle. I found a stash of single edge blades that I'm going to load up into two different SE razors I have but have never used to make a comparison....but the shake-sharp is amazing. It could just be the superb design which makes it so easy to find the sweet spot, but I'll only give it up if someone pries it from my cold, dead fingers.

Needless to say, if you find one of these suckers in the wild....grab it!
You inspired me to get my Shake Sharp back out. I have been using it this week and am reminded how great this thing shaves. This is one of the few razors that I can use ATG on my neck. I am also using an Astra SP and it performs well for me too. As I said in an earlier post, I don't use the sharpening feature on stainless blades but it is useful for clearing soap and hair between passes. Thanks for the inspiration.:thumbup1: