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Futur clone Ming Shi 2000S

I haven't received mine yet. Looking forward to it. I have the NT Vigour above and love the shave on one side, but the blade alignment is always problematic.
I've used NT Vigour for almost a year and found it too aggressive but gives darn close shave. Last month I ordered ming shi futur clone razor and shaved with it twice. It's much better craftmanship than NT vigour and hold the blade inline. Besides not as aggressive as NT vigour but still gives very close shave without any nicks or irritation. By the way NT vigour is way heavier than most of the razors I've known but this ming shi razor is also heavy but not like NT Vigour which I like most.

I ordered this Ming Shi 2000s Futur clone. I have long time wanted to try Merkur Futur and this seems a good way to try instead of blind purchase the Futur itself. If I like Ming Shi 2000s I may buy the real Futur too.
Whom did you order this from? Can you post a link?
Thanks for the review and picks, @recklesstr. Glad to hear yours has good alignment. That would be a huge step up. I don't find the NT Vigour to be too aggressive (which surprised me), but I hate poor alignment.

Mine just left China on Wednesday, so might be a week or so.
Surprised. How can you tell?
Interesting, I found some information that these are made from zinc alloy these days, indeed.

I've ordered mine from shaveabuck in 2013 and these were advertised as 'made out of brass' back then.

These 'early batch' razors were heavier than later ones and made out of brass. Newer versions are not made out of brass anymore.

More information from these days here:

Reviews on the Shaveabuck Chinese Futur knock-off?

Amazon.com: Strong Durable Heavy Brass Double Edge Saftey Razor: Health & Personal Care

Futur Knock-off: an early review
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My 2000S arrived in the mail this morning. Very nice looking razor. Better quality than the NTvigour. A really nice close shave set on three with a Nacet blade.
I work for a company that often finds counterfeits on Ali Express & a couple other Chinese websites. Some are almost laughable, some look suspiciously like factory seconds....
Often finds? You mean 'constantly finds'? As for the factory seconds, I feel pretty certain that much of the knockoff designer bags and similar are coming right out of the same plant that makes the 'official' ones. If someone selling designer anything wants to slow the knockoffs, they can simply make them in the US/Canada, take a 10% hit on their profit (going from 1000% profit to 900%), and be sure to tell everyone that the real bags are ONLY made in said 1st world country.
Mine came today too. Shipped in an envelope, bubble wrapped. Not even a dent in the box. It also came with a smiling nail clipper. ;)


I shaved with it, using the same Astra SP I had used in my previous shave.

The blade alignment seems really good. I'm not prepared to say it's perfect, but I can't detect a difference with my eyes or during the shave.

I remember the NT Vigour having good audio feedback. This also has it. It seemed even better, but probably just because I'm using it now.

I used it on setting 1, which is where I used the NT Vigour. I really enjoyed the shave. Very pleased so far. :c9:
hey! that nail clipper makes the whole purchase. Does it cut cleanly, or is it one of those 'splits the nail' clippers.

Oh yeah. The razor looks nice :) Maybe I'll try one later on after PIFing and selling off my excess SuperSpeeds.

Got mine today...great audio feedback & didn't have any problems with blade alignment...Shaves great, used an Indian Wilkinson with it. Very happy with the purchase.

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I've also just ordered one via AliExpress. Several storefronts have them -- got mine from QShave (cause they were cheapest). Now I just have to wait patiently.
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