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FS Further Den Clearing!

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Please excuse the length of this BST in advance!

TOBS Sandalwood about 85% remaining. Only tapped inside the tub with a dry brush between 7-8 times. Very little used each time.

Tabac Aftershave I estimate around 85%. This was also used very little as I preferred the balm to the splash. It is a 3.4 oz bottle, so plenty of life.

MW bay rum puck and Speick stick, still new and wrapped.

TdH edp with very little remaining in the vial, but enough to have you smelling great for several occasions.

All the above for $40 Shipped.

Mint Bolin Webb Mach 3, R1-S razor, which was used a couple times at best. It is basically brand new and this is the set that comes with a beautiful stand. It will be delivered without a cartridge attached as shown with the picture of it inside the box.

This offer will also come with a 4-pack of Mach 3's that are still new in a sealed box.

Bolin Webb Set w/ blades for $95 Shipped.

Acca Kappa 1869 wenge wood club style boar brush, which remains practically new. Tried it out a few times a while back when I first bought it, and quickly realized it's not for me. I can see how this would make for a pleasurable experience, but I have neither the time or energy to use it. Wenge wood is also known for its strength and durability. This is a very nice brush, and if you like boar, it's one to highly consider. Since it's collecting dust..

Take the Acca Kappa 1869 for $40 Shipped.

NEXT UP: Add-Ons

Muhle R101 Razor and 30 Permasharp Supers. This one has had only a couple uses, and stored in its box for most of its life. Stunning razor, but necessitates more attention than I am willing to give it. Add On to any purchase for $25.

Musgo Real Classic A/S. This is used, but there is a generous amount of aftershave left in this bottle. The tiniest amount is needed to get the job done with this one. Great ingredients, and a superb aftershave. Add On to any purchase for $25.

If you are interested in buying the Muhle/Musgo Real items together, pm me, and we'll see if we can work something out. I will discount the Acca Kappa brush with any group purchase and treat it as an Add-On for anyone interested in acquiring the brush at an even greater discounted rate.

CONUS addresses. Thank you for sticking in there!


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Rest of the pictures.


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I am going to make a one time offer and pretty much give these items away to someone. If you take everything, I'd save a good bit of time and money (from absurd usps postage), therefore, I'm going to offer everything you see for $150, and that price includes shipping and pp fees. The razor set alone costed me very close to that. Let's get these off to a new home with someone who'll actually use them!
Friends, I forgot to add a Fatip yesterday to the thread. I knew it looked "naked" and finally realized why. There was to much involved with this listing for my brain to remember everything!

I am offering a brand new fatip that has been sitting in the closet boxed up for years. In that time, I never once thought to put a blade in it until yesterday when I decided it was time for the bst. With that said, there is one caveat.. It has a V1 and V2 exposure; basically a Frankenstein Fatip! And other then the huge difference in exposure, the blade lines up straight as an arrow on both sides with no room to wiggle. If you ever wanted to try the V1 Fatip, this would be as good a chance as any. This will be offered as an add on for $15.

Edit: This is a Nickel Piccolo with box.


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Making a commitment to 3017 the first lot so they are off the table.

Best Offer's welcome for others. Pm me.
Take all remaining items for $120 shipped (this includes the Fatip).

Broken down, this is an absolute steal, and my final offer.

This will include the Bolin Webb/Mach 3 blades, Muhle/Permasharps, Fatip, Acca Kappa, and Musgo Real Aftershave. You can't even buy the bolin webb set for this price. And the Acca Kappa brush new, is not far behind in terms of price, either.
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