Furious at barber! Brian blessed to General Zod in an instant!

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by NiteEyez, Feb 2, 2019.

    Hi guys

    Went to my usual Turkish barbershop however my guy was off. I wanted a haircut and beard trum/shape. Now usually without my guy I'd not have bothered but had 2x 40th bday parties to go to.

    Haircut went great!!

    Onto the beard

    Now, I've been keeping my cheeks, moustache line and neckline in great shape with the coolcut 9 but growing it out as was to go for a Brian Blessed.

    My exact words were:

    "I don't want to lose any length, just touch up the lines and gently taper the neck to chin and sideburns to beard. I'm going for the Brian blessed look"

    And then showed him a picture!

    Quite clear .. . Yes.. .. .... . NO!!!!!!

    First thing he does is go straight in with the clipper and takes about 80% off the sides! I'm instantly f****d!!!!

    You can't stick it back on so I have to let him finish. Basically he gives me a General Zod from Superman 2!!

    His shavette technique was rubbish (neckline was sore as) patchy and not even even.

    In short I cut in a much better line! "

    I was furious!!!!

    3 months growth, oiling and nurturing gone!!!

    Anyone else experience this?
  1. Been there my friend. Wanted just a clean-up but it ended so badly, I shaved it bare and started over.

  2. Next time you will know . . . stick with your guy.

    Sorry for your loss.
  3. I don't mean to make light of this situation, I am truly sorry for your loss, but your subject line is glorious. Perhaps the fellow's English was not up to snuff. It sounds like you were crystal clear with your instructions, but he probably heard "give me the Zod."
  4. I've never had a beard trimmed by a professional. It's always been done by yours truly! Which has caused some shave it bare and start overs :)
  5. LOL that cheered me up.

    Ive shaved it all off and starting over...... Wife wasnt happy she loves the big beard
  6. That sucks.

    I used to go to a highly recommended barber a few yrs ago. I only kept a full goatee/circle beard/van dyke, etc at the time. So i didnt care about the beard.

    Fast forward a year, and i grew the beard out. I like the natural cheek line and i told him so. He would do the haircut, and edged the sides, but he brought the sideburn line that connects to the beard line just a tad. Not bad, but then i had to lower the beard line just a little when i got home.

    He did this 3 times. All 3 times i was vocal and mentioned that the beard was to be left alone, again he would edge the sides and bring that sideburn line down a little, just enough that i had to bring my cheek line down a notch. I got up. Checked the line on the mirror, and it was strike 3. I mentioned that hes done that 3 times and apologized. He said i didnt have to pay. And that he wouldnt do it again.

    I havent been back and found a new barber.

    Am i the only one that doesnt know what a brian blessed is?
  7. nope, i had to look it up.
  8. MurderousCrow

    MurderousCrow Contributor

    Great thread title!

    Amusing to think how Mr Blessed would have dealt with the man!

    Apologies in advance; this is NOT WORK SAFE. Fair bit of swearing.

  9. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Please don't post anything not family friendly on B&B.
  10. MurderousCrow

    MurderousCrow Contributor

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you, and apologies my friend.
  11. Oh man, I'm so sorry..... I've been there, Had a lady barber covering for my usual guy did something very similar to your situation..... Sighs....
  12. +1, but haven't bothered looking up. It isn't what he wound up with.
  13. I know who Brian Blessed is, but not what!
  14. Now I know who Brian Blessed it. :a29:
  15. Beard is Alive?!
  16. My sympathies to you. That must really suck. I guess I was lucky with my beard trim experience. I went into a barbershop with the pole outside thinking it must be a traditional shop. I was extremely specific as to what I wanted with my beard, but did not bring in a pic like you did NiteEyez. Thankfully mine turned out great and since that time, went back a couple more times before getting my hair cut there. Good news is your beard will grow back, but will take some time.
  17. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    It happens. I was in LA for several months at the end of last year, and I tried out a couple of barber shops recommended by my friends. Both gave me excellent haircuts, but the second one really did something weird to my beard. I wanted him to take about two inches off the bottom (I'd grown it out for more than a year) but he reshaped it too. Got home in January, and my regular barber cleaned it up. Now it's pretty much where I want it--still a little shorter, but shaped as I like it. It'll be back where you want it before too long. And General Zod was a pretty bad dude.

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