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Funny thing w/ generic blades

Obviously from my handle I shave my head too. I'd like to get good enough to do it with a safety razor or straight some day, but right now I use a wonderful contraption called the "headblade". Anyways, it take Gillette Altra plus blades which work all right. Just for the heck of it I bought a pack of personna imitation "auto plus" blades for the headblade at around $2 instead of $10! Well, they did not work as well, they worked significantly better! Much closer shave! Geez, that really surprised me! Anyone had any similar experiences with generic blades? Hmmm, now that I have a bbs shave on my head I worry people may call be a butt head :mellow:

I shave my head too. I use the Merkur Slant Bar with a Feather blade. How do you like the Headblade? Where did you buy the personna imitation "auto plus" blades?
The headblade is incredible; and cheap! about 10 bucks. Its different than any other razor because instead of pulling the razor you push it. Be forewarned, the first time I used it I cut myself up pretty good. If you follow the instructions and only put pressure on the back pad it works great. I just ordered the S4 which is a beautiful steel model with wheels. You can get the headblade at rite aid or wall greens. The personna blades "auto plus" are at wall mart. You don't need a mirror with the head blade its all "feel" and is easy to use against the grain.

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