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Funny Mantic Parody

Really not offensive at all, however possibly could do with a bit more humorous lines. Though thanks for sharing.
Love the character. Could have been funnier with some things like overlathering or spirting nicks or something. The music was great. Overall I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
I have been a long time fan of Mantic's "bullfrog" technique suggestion. That one always makes me laugh.
If he was doing a parody of general shaving videos, I think it was great. I liked the lathered up shirt, even when he was finished. It's important to see humor even in the things we're serious about.
He could have done a look-alike of Gomez Addams. I did not see Mantic in this one at all. Hey, a good parody is really great, just missed the mark, if that was his target.
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