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Fun with allergic reactions...

When I first started wetshaving last summer I took my time browsing reviews and suggestions before I ordered a selection of products to try. One of those highly regarded products happened to be Proraso Pre/Post cream, and naturally I expected it would help make the transition into wetshaving a happy pleasant experience.

Instead it caused a terribly itch and made my entire face rather red. I wasn't able to shave for a couple of days afterwards and haven't made any attempt to use it again. The following week I tried a new face wash with similar, although not as severe, results. Upon investigating the ingredients in those products and mulling over the occasional reactions to various products I've had over the years I came to a rather annoying conclusion. I'm allergic to menthol. And of course an awful lot of products have menthol in them. :mad3:

Has anyone discovered hitherto unknown allergies upon their discovery of wetshaving?
I'm still searching for ANYTHING i'm allergic to, i'm not even allergic to poison ivy. I think i got it from my grandma because she wasn't allergic either. We were the only ones in the family that could go mushroom hunting for Morels.

Kind of off topic: When i was a kid, my friend was allergic to strawberries, not deathly allergic, she would just get hives. For fun she would eat them, and 5 minutes later you could watch the hives form on her arms.
I am allergic to a bad angle with any blade. :laugh: Seriously, I think the glue that attaches the blade to the wax paper on the Astra blades made my face itich. I used the same razor, soap, brush, and only changed the blade. I started itiching and had a red spot. My wife is the one who commented about it. I might try another blade in a few days and see if occurs again.
I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to glycerin, at least in larger quantities. My worst reaction has been with SCS cream (slight rash and burning) but has also happened with SCS soap and Edwin jager soap (just burning). It doesn't happen with proraso and CO Bigelow and both of these have glycerin but it's further down on the ingredient list.
dont feel bad, I found out last week I was allergic to Lanolin. I got the worst breakout on my face from using Mitchell's Wool Fat and I had to chuck it to the B/S/T
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