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Fuller Butterscotch Restore

Fidjit, I think you're too modest. Not "handy", heck, you're a master.
My biggest problem is my impatience which CAN lead to errors. Luckily I've been lucky with my brush restores. This brush was restored within 3 hours of recieving it....Obessesed ??? Who me ??? :blushing:

Here's a piccie of it in bloom.

And for comparison, here it is against my Kent KS7 with the bulb knot 20mm rather than the fan knot, round about the same loft ( 48-50mm ) . ( Just realized however that my camera tends to "skew" the edges a bit in macro mode, but you'll get the idea ( that's why the knots look crooked ). ) Think the fan is probably a bit less dense than the bulb but the bloom is pretty much the same.

My personal opinion is that in terms of softness the TGN Finests poop all over their Silvertip Standard Knots. The Silvertip ( as put into the Everyready ) is much scritchier ( not that that's a bad thing ). Perhaps I should find another handle and try the A grade Silvertip..............:001_rolle
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