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Fuller Butterscotch Restore


I've promised myself that is will by my LAST vintage brush purchase ( yeah right :tongue_sm )

More ( no wife :tongue_sm) time today, so have managed to document a bit better with piccies, hopefully it might help anyone attempting to restore an old Fuller ( or similar like the Everyready 200s )

This is an old Fuller Boar picked up off the bay. Once again the bristles were in terrible condition. The brush has had a bit of a hard life and has a few beauty spots ( splits and scratches on it ). I must admit I was a bit disappointed in the condition of it when I first opened the box.

So at work started scissoring and pliering and knifing but the rubber/glue setting on this one was pretty hard.
Here's how far I got manually:

Getting no further manually, starting drilling out the rest of the bristles. If you can drill enough out you can then use pliers to rip the bristles out ( pull them inwards ). You can see the knot leftovers from the edges of the knot to the right of the handle. Note this Fuller has a copper ring around the knot. Be careful here with drill or dremel. :blink:

Use some fine steel wool to get some of the major scratches and nicks out or at least minimize them. Then hit it with some Silvo and Turtle Wax.

Now using the standard knot hole, my 20 X 60 mm Finest Two band Fan would have sat at around 55mm and it looks like the knot is at least a 22mm diameter ( maybe even 24mm I'm sorry I forgot to measure but there was definitely a lot of space around the knot holder) , so the knot didn't sit very well and too high for me. So had to drill out the shelf so I could get around about a 50mm loft.

So it's hollow inside, so need to make a shelf for the knot to sit on, so after trying a few different things find that an old cork tile gives me the ideal shelf height. Cut out a circle, set into the hole and then use some epoxy around the top and sides of it to hold it in place and stop any water from getting into the handle.

Another polish and wax and now ( finally ), I can glue in the knot !!!!!!!

All up probably about 3 hours work and the only electric tool used was the drill. Now I'm not real handy, so this just goes to prove than ANYONE can do a brush restore with the tools they have at hand. :laugh:

And the end product.......

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Wonderful job! When I first came to B&B these type of self restorations were not being attempted. Now many guys are doing such beautiful work. Bravo Gentlemen.
Nice work! How 'bout some pix once she's "bloomed?":tongue_sm

Will do, it'll be interesting to see how the bloom looks compared to the bulb shape Finest.

I have another brush reknotted with the bulb with almost exactly the same loft.

Just gotta wait for the glue to have time to dry properly....... :001_smile
Fidj - this is one of your best! The handle is gorgeous. But, I think we all especially appreciate the step by step photos, especially the epoxied cork shelf. 2 part Devcon?? Thanks for the thread.
. What glue did you use??

. 2 part Devcon??

Thanks for the kind words folks.

Joe, I was REALLY disappointed when I first sighted the brush, it really did look like a piece of crapola.... :bored:

You can see in the first two pictures, the scratches and splits around the knothole. ( I don't know why I don't get a pre shot, I think cause I wanted to get it finished before wifey got home , she walked in at the complete wrong time just as I was glueing the final parts together :tongue_sm)

It's come up REALLY nicely though, even the cracks while still there aren't overly obvious. As I say they're "beauty marks" :thumbup1:

Using a 5 minute 2 part epoxy glue. Down here it's called Selley's Araldite

In fact it's obviously made for us:

Where can this product be used?
* Bakelite - joining or repairing

Post bloom shots to follow !
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