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Fuller Brush Re-Knot

I have an amber Fuller brush that I would like to repair/re-knot. The knot that is in there is in poor condition and worn out. I really just wanted to warm the brush in hot water until the glue loosened, but that does not seem to be working. Two questions, what did fuller use for bristles - these are very soft and appear to be real; and the knot seems very small in diameter when compared to the modern brush I am using. Should that be a concern?


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There is a sub forum below this one about making and restoring brushes. That's where I learned to reknot a brush.

Couple of comments. Sometimes you can get a knot out by steaming the whole brush, but sometimes you damage the handle trying that. Usually I cut as much of the old knot off as I can then using a small drill, drill several holes through the knot and into the glue to break up the glue disc. Once you have enough of what is remaining (looking like swiss cheese) you can pick the remants out with long nose pliers or an ice pick. You can use a Dremel drum sander to clean up the inner bore and you can also enlarge it to accept a larger knot. Please look over the stuff in the sub forum and learn a lot more until you have confidence that tackle it.
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