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FS Full sets: Darwin Deluxe, Gillette Aristocrat #19, “NOS” Gibbs #17 full set w/ everything!

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I have decided to sell off parts of my very core collection. Please see descriptions and all pictures for condition and let me know if you need more. First photo shows the razors with my note as proof of my ownership. But you know them, have presented them all here in the past.

First buyer to PM full buy commitment gets. Buyer owns shipping risk. I am in Europe/EU. Standard worldwide shipping with tracking starts at 20 EUR. I only ship tracked and carefully wrapped in solid box.

Thanks for looking.

1930s Darwin Deluxe w/ original coffin case, 2 blades - 1,600 EUR
You know what this is. Priced for condition and rarity. This is a fine set that I hunted long for, the cobalt steel is really something to hold in real life. The razor is in solid condition, has a few marks from many a good shave since the 1930s, and it needs a polish. Other than that very good. The rare case is as good as they come. Also comes with 2 original blades. A highly presentable set.

1938 Gillette Aristocrat #19, full set - 350 EUR
The #19 is one of the rarest Aristocrat sets to find in good condition, and this is a fine set which even comes with the original inside cardboard. The razor is magnificent; came to me in this condition, I see no traces of replating and it is FINE. The #19 cases are most often in very poor shape but this is in solid condition, the outside leather only has very few faults (see pics) and the insides are clean. Spring is gone, though. The gold blade holders I had replated. A full and very presentable set.

“NOS” Gibbs #17 complete set, never opened until 2020 - 465 EUR
This set was unopned from its manufacturing date sometimes in the 1930s-1940s until 18 October 2020 when I opened it!

I made the below video to show this key moment. After this I have used it less than 10 times, so it is spotless. At least 99% because for some reason the plastic handle has a small mark that I only noticed now when preparing for this sale (used the handle but once). Guess QC 80 years ago wasn’t faultless…

Never saw another like this with all paraphernalia incl cardboard box, shipper etc. Also comes with ca 200 original Gibbs vintage blades which are actually nice. And a brass handle made for me by my friend Claudio to improve the balance of the razor.

Near offers may be considered.

1930s Darwin Deluxe


1938 Aristocrat #19
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