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FS FS: Two Silvertip Badger Brushes

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For Sale: A pair of Silvertip brushes.

The retro Teal / cream brush is a 24mm Yaqi Silvertip. This has never been used. Only taken out of the box for pictures. I bought it as it reminds me of the vintage look at Hollywood Studios theme park.

Unfortunately. The shipping took so long that I bought be other one first and realized I was not a badger brush guy. I should have ordered the Bali in a synthetic. Lol.

The other (brown / tan) brush for sale is a 24mm Shaveforge Silvertip knot set in a Maseto handle (Silicone adhesive). This one has only been used 3 or 4 times.

Asking $25 each shipped. CONUS only. Will sell the pair for $40 shipped.


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I just received a really good question, so I'm sharing the answer for all:

It was asked, "does the shaveforge shed at all".

My answer:
I've only used it a few times, so I can't really gauge it's long-term prospects. However, in those few shaves yes... Maybe 3-4 hairs a shave, with the first wetting of the brush being a bit higher. They're definitely not the high end, hand made knots. My guess is SF and Yaqi are about similar in a good quality budget knot?

Hope that helps.
Ok. So I pulled the Yaqi to test lather it. I wanted to be sure it wasn't a dud. I know these are cheap, and true level Badgers. Still, I don't want to sell someone anything I know is defective.

So... I did two lathers with it. I noticed three hairs were lost on the first lather with the Yaqi. The second lather I saw none. I'm feeling confident it's ok, So I'm adding the Yaqi back to the listing.

These are entry level Badger Brushes, nothing anyone is going to wait in line for. So, i'm going to adjust the prices to get rid of them quickly. New price: $20 each shipped or the pair for $35 shipped.

Attaching an updated picture so folks can see the Yaqi post lathering in all its blooming glory.

Happy Friday B&B!


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Very fairly priced, sir. This is a nice way for someone wanting to begin their journey into brushes to discover the wonderful properties of silvertip badger. GLWTS, sir!

Thanks David. I do try to give fair, cheap prices. Hopefully someone will adopt and enjoy them where I couldn't. I just am not cut out for badgers, lol. I'm a synth guy through and through. 😉

Still available folks!
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