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I rarely shave with my straights so many items must go. Too many pics to attach, please use imgur link below. Description is top to bottom in the imgur post.

#1 Fist a Wasaka Asagi Koppa JNAT purchased from Tomo Nagura. Yellow/tan, Very smooth and fine. Fast for such a fine stone. Sealed on all sides. 4.5inX2.5in. $65 shipped.

#2 Apache Black Gila. A stone a member from Arizona quarried here years ago. Don't know if they are "around" any more. VERY, VERY fine, and somewhat slow. The edge is worth the time as it is refined and sharp. 5.75in x 2.5in X .6in. $50 shipped

#3 Thuringian (ESCHER??). A classic Thuringian stone with a tiny bit of the label still on the sealed back. You can read "...water...no grease" 4.75 X 2.5 X .75 inches. Also Includes a genuine Escher rubbing stone (last in the pic set). This is the real deal. Fast and smooth. A perfect hand stone size and a joy to hone with. $100 obo.

#4 Dans' Whetstone Translucent Arkansas. Never used with oil. In fact never really used. 6X2X.5 inches. $75 obo.

#5 Korrat Knives Model 14. Just a fantastic razor. Hollow Bellied option. Only ever professionally honed with tape by Doc226. Still has a great edge. It is used but has no obvious wear like scratches, dings, etc. MSRP is $225, plus international shipping. $125 shipped obo.

#6 - A F Herder and Sohn NOS blade I had custom scaled by Doc226 in a nice blonde horn. NEVER USED and shave ready. $100 shipped.

All items are free shipping CONUS. Bets offer takes them. PayPay preferred. Thanks for looking!!!!!!!!

The Korrat is sold pending funds. It lasted all of 90 seconds. I should have asked more!! ;)

By the way, I realized I didn't do this verification thingy.


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Everything went out today. I hope you all enjoy the loot! :thumbup:

The Arkansas is still available. I'm embarrassed to say that I mistook that stone for a translucent, when it actually is a True Hard Arkansas. Goes without saying that if someone bought it under that presumption I would have made it right.

Still for sale - True Hard Arkansas, 6X2X.5 inches, $55 shipped CONUS, obo.
That was all great looking gear. and now I want a Apache Black Gila not even knowing that it existed until now. Finding one appears no easy task.
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