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FS: Huge Hardware sale! Paladin, ATT, Romera... Too much to list!

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Hello all. I’ve decided to clear out my den more to raise some funds for a few unexpected expenses. It’s in need of it as you’ll soon see.

11_16_17 sale thread - More pictures





Brushes -

Paladin 26MM El Dorado in Lemon Drop, 2CSNL3 004:

Brand new, never been used. Bought from April 13th, 2017 release. Bought for $180, and selling for $180. Has original tube and pictures with instructions.

Thater 4125/3 Ivory 2-band Fan 29.25mm knot:

I bought this back during one of Bullgoose’s sales. Normally goes for 200, bought at 180, selling for 160. I’ve only used this twice I believe. Used very little. A common theme you’ll see. Has original box.

Thiers Issard Silvertip Horn shaving brush:

Specs: 25mm knot, 55mm loft, 58.6mm handle
Retails for $280, selling for $125 firm.

The price is hard to narrow for the retail as this is the older Thiers Issard without the ring like the newer brushes have. It’s different in that this is quite a lofty brush. This is more geared towards creams. Not a great deal of backbone, and might not be for everyone since it lacks in backbone and it really affects the density.

I just copied this from an old sale thread. I was as low as $140 there, and now dropped to 125 firm. No packaging for this sadly.

Thater LE Funf Bulb:

Only used three times max, likely less. No problems with it, and would keep it, but I realize I like my larger Thater’s a bit better. I only used it maybe twice This is from the LE buy before they became a regular item. Brush has original packaging. Bought for $165, selling for $120.

Art of Shaving Engraved Metal Silvertip brush:

Retails for 250, paid 160, selling for 120. Has original packaging. I am the original owner of this brush. Again this is one I believe I used twice. It’s seen little use and in excellent condition.

Romera Rustic Chubby:

31mm knot x 58mm loft x 65mm handle. I am the second owner of this brush. This has seen perhaps 5 uses since I bought it. If you like big puffy brushes that still have backbone, this would be right up your alley. I got a Wenge Chubby from Romera making this a bit redundant. I bought it vocalistbob for $115, and am selling it for $100.

Kent AP8 shaving brush:

Discontinued model. Bought from eBay I believe earlier this year. Used this brush once. It is very soft and lacks backbone, but not Vulfix Super lacking backbone. I paid $100, and am selling for $90.

Edwin Jagger Faux Horn Loxley Silvertip and Briarwood Silvertip bundle:

The Loxley is on the left, and the Briarwood is to the Loxley’s right. These have better backbone than the previously listed Kent AP8, and are near as soft. The Loxley sells for 79.16 before shipping from Edwin Jagger’s sight, and I paid only $15 for the little Briarwood. Note that the Briarwood is quite a heavy brush despite it’s diminutive size. Both have seen perhaps 5 uses between the two. Selling the two for $80.

TSS House Brand Palisander model:

This is a brand that isn’t seen too often for sale. The handle is made by Il Ceppo, and the knot is made by the German folks who wish to remain unnamed. It’s a smaller brush that has good silvertip hair to it. Not up there with the big boys in name recognition, but still a good functioning brush. This might be the last seen of this brush from what TSS says. I’ve used the brush perhaps twice, but only recall once. Paid $95, asking $75.

Dr. Dittmar 2-band Squirt:

Squirt isn’t the actual model name of the brush, but I thought I’d get creative. It reminds me a bit of a modified Rover. I’ve only ever seen them on eBay for sale. The hair in this model feels like Vie-long 2-band with more backbone. Very soft tips with good backbone and flowthrough. It has a bit of a glue spike that helps it have these characteristics. Used twice. I bought this for 72.97 not to mention the shipping charge which runs $10 usually from the seller (overseas seller). I would like to sell this for $60.

Semogue SOC 2-band Badger Cherry:

Really a brush that needs no introduction. I bought this to have a 2-band badger by itself, but have since added some Semogue LE’s with 2-band Badger taking away my reason for having it. In a rarity, I have not used this. I can’t recall what I paid for this brush, or find it in my inbox either. The lowest price I can find at this moment online is 57.06. I will sell this for $50.

Shavemac 142 23mm Finest in fan:

Superb Shavemac finest that I picked up years ago here from Teiste. This feels almost as soft as an insanely Shavemac Silvertip I had years ago, but with more backbone. If you’re looking for a soft brush with good backbone still, it would be hard to get much better than this. I bought this brush for $50, and am selling for $45.

Simpson PJ2 in 3-band Super:

Another excellent brush that I picked up for a good price. I bought it at the time for $60. I’ve used this maybe 3 times. I’m tempted to keep it, but I have a near equivalent of this brush. Selling this for $50.

Simpson Berkeley 46 Pure:

Brand new. I ordered what I thought at the time was a Best, but it ended up being a Pure. Running a finger across it, the hair is of good softness, and not clipped. I paid 30.80 for this brush, and am selling it for 30.80, which is under the usual retail of 38.20.

Vulfix Pure Badger Vintage model:

I wish I could provide some info on the model, but sadly I cannot. I picked it up from eBay some time ago. I have never used the brush, and believe it is possible it has not been used. This is even softer than the Simpson before it. Good as-is, or would make a nice re-knot project! Paid 28 for this brush, and selling it for 28.

Geo Trumper JB3 (Persian Jar 3) Pre-Vulfix Best badger:

I forgot to get an overhead picture of this knot, but the poor guy is emulating his hero, Friar Tuck. He has a hole in his hair right in the middle of his head, and is shedding, and thus is only good for reknotting. I bought this in a lot with another brush for 30. I would like to sell this for 25.

Fine Shaving 24mm Stout Synthetic brush:

I only used this brush once and was immediately put off by the huge glue plug the knot has. It’s my opinion it has too small a loft for a glue plug that size in it, and holds very little lather. It would have no problems using it as it is, but honestly would advise this as a better reknot candidate. I paid $25 for this, and am selling for $14.

Razors and misc –

Discontinued Kent AP4 Brush and Mach 3 matching set:

I still can’t get away from the brushes even being in the razor section! I used the Kent AP4 brush once, and the Kent Mach 3 razor has never been used. I was originally going to keep the AP brushes, but had a change of mind. The knot has a bit better backbone than the Kent AP8, and still better than Vulfix Super density. Don’t expect backbone, but do expect a brush that will whip up an excellent lather fast. It has a sticker on the underneath that says the retail is $140, but is selling for no where near that as I paid $41 for this set. I would like to sell this for $35.

Gillette Aristocrat #15 in case:

To note first, this razor has a missing tooth from one corner, and on the opposite side it has a bent corner tooth. I bought this for the razor and the case and such are extra with it. I am calling the razor a #15. If it is the appropriate case for a #15 set I have no idea.

The TTO mechanics work, but you are met with considerable resistance towards the end of opening it. There is some pitting above the TTO knob in the solid band between the knob and the knurling of the handle, and right above the knurling too, but wasn’t easily noticeable until I looked for imperfections. I can see some slight rust on the inside of the silo doors, but they appear to be surface only, and light at that. The plating looks good still and has a nice sparkle to it.

The case has its flaws with scratches and dings. The material is separating from the top lid inside, but the cloth has a decent look to it. It needs a good lint roll.

I paid $80.40 for this, and would like to sell it for $65.

Gillette 2 piece Raised Flat Bottom in case:

I am unsure of an appropriate model number for this, and bought it as it was a Raised Flat Bottom and I wanted to try it. This razor has one bent corner tooth. Plating loss can be seen on the front of the cap towards the teeth, and the beginning of plate loss under the cap. You can see light blueish green in the knurling of the handle and there are noticeable spots of plating loss under the base next to the Gillette symbol and other spots. Not perfect condition, but not user condition by any means either. The case hinge is loose, and there are spots of plating loss and scratches all over the case.

I paid $58 for this razor, and would like to sell it for $50.

Marvy Disinfectant Jar No. 3 Unbreakable

Never has been used. Wanted to use it for disinfecting my razors, but I don’t like how the lid is loose when placing it down, and it just feels too lightweight in use. Lowest price I see with a quick search for these is 15.28. I will sell this for $10.

Gillette Old Type 4 Piece travel set razor:

This razor leans heavily to the user grade section. The case is user grade still as it functions, but realistically few would want to use it. There are two pieces to the handle, and the cap and base plate. The base plate has a bit more plating than the cap does, with the larger part of the handle having more plating than the smaller top portion to the razor. 3 of the four corners display a slight inward bending that I did not notice until looking at the cap and base plate lying down in the case.

I paid approximately $40 for this, and would like to get $25 for this.

ATT S1 base and cap:

This is what is left of an ATT S1 I bought with a Weber Bulldog handle. The baseplate is from 2014. I paid $95 for the whole razor, and this does not have the handle any longer. I would like to sell this for $60. I believe this is good as normally the cap or plate go for 73 new apiece.

Wilkinson Sword “Sticky” razor:

At first I thought there was only one possible crack in this razor, but there is actually 2 large cracks about the length of half a pinky. They are on the side closest to the edge where the razor blade rests underneath, and I wouldn’t be able to photograph it. I used the razor and found I had no problems using it. I do have one photo of where there is a bit of the handle that has cracked up. It looks like a little tooth to me. The TTO mechanism is buttery smooth and shows only plate loss on the pieces that hold the top plate doors in place.

I paid 38.99 for this razor, and would like to sell it for $35.

RazoRock Baby Smooth Aluminum Safety Razor:

I used this razor twice, but just find it to be too light for me to want to use it very much. Nothing wrong with the razor at all, and presents itself as brand new.

Paid 39.99 for this, and would like to sell it for $32.

Gillette Rocket HD 500 –

A wonderful British Gillette razor. I like the Aristocrat Jr. a bit better, but could easily live with this. I do appreciate the slightly thicker handle this has. The TTO mechanism feels smooth, but does have an odd sensation I can’t quite describe. Not a bad one, but just one that makes me take note of it. One silo door is a bit lazy and needs assistance finishing the last part of opening. Overall I would say this is in good condition. I can’t see much of anything wrong. It does look a bit dull and could use a polishing. It looks used, but not abused, and ready for more use in the years ahead.

I paid 41.97 for this razor, and would like to sell it for $35.

Muhle R41 Grande:

Used very little. Maybe 5 times total. I just never found a good blade combo for this, and even with this one NOT being the 2011 model, it’s got a bit of a disposition to biting me. Sort of like my cat’s disposition to hook me with her claws anytime I get close enough. Lol The Grande handle, while lacking a bit of a grip, was my first razor I fell in love with, and if you like a more aggressive razor with large handles, I think you’ll like this.

This is from an old sale thread. I took it down to $25 before withdrawing, and will reintroduce it to sell at $25 dollars. This is an excellent price for this as buying from the states you are unlikely to find it less than 70 retail, and less than $40 buying it overseas.

These are all prices for CONUS shipping. I will ship elsewhere, but you’ll likely have to add some money to help pay for shipping. If you need any additional information, please let me know!
The link I posted to that album had everything out of order, and I thought I had pictures of the brushes, but I didn't. I'll get a few closer pictures of what is not shown in my Public Imgur, but look here to see my items better sorted please: Imgur
What a lovely offering! I kinda wish I hadn't retailed all of my equipment - seeing this selection! GLWS. Oh, just something that might be me and my browser, but many of the items @ your Imgur portfolio seem to be missing?
That isn't just you Merle. I thought I took some close up shots of the brushes, but I hadn't. That's why there are several albums missing some photos. I'll be getting to work on that a little later and fill them up.

The Shavemac, PJ2 Super, and SOC 2-band have all sold, with the ATT razor head and Muhle 41 Grande pending.
The AP-4 set really does expose the qualities of acrylic plastic works, not only the 'softness' of the plastic itself, but also the revelation of the mechanical components in the assembly. I recently purchased a Kent 12 ..."just because?" and can more clearly understand the mfg's choice toward a floppy nature for their brush. The 8 and 4 would be great selections to anyone who's been interested in Kent's history/products. ... Mach3 cartridges, now, that's a bother... ( or is it? I really don't know!)
</sigh; so many cool (kewl!) toys, so little room! And that's the rub isn't it? There are only so many items we'll end up really using as favorites - the rest join the orchestra in the background.
Indeed that is Merle.

To update the list.


Muhle R41 Grande
Berkeley Pure

Sold, pending payment:

Rocket HD 500
Romera Rustic Barber Chubby
Art of Shaving Silvertip
Additional items are sold:

Aristocrat #15
Rocket HD 500
Romera and Art of Shaving sold together for $200, so 20$ cut on the AoS Brush.
Time for an update. Been busy so I haven't had much of a chance to do price reductions.

The AP8 brush, and AP4/Mach 3 set sold for $100.

Paladin El Dorado I will drop 15$ to $165. Remember this is a brand new brush, never been used, you can't buy this specific specimen. Firm.

Thater Ivory Fan - Drop 10 off to $150 firm.

Thiers horn - Drop 10 to $115. I would consider brush trades or double edge razor trades. Rockwell 6S, Simpson Berkeley and Special in best, Harvard 6, Druida are a few specific items that come to mind.

Thater LE Funf Bulb - Drop 15 off to $105.

Edwin Jagger combo - Drop 15 off to $65

Palisander TSS - Drop 15 off to $60

Dr. Dittmar Squirt - Drop 10 off to $50 firm

Vulfix Pure - Drop 3 off to $25

JB3 - Take 5 off to $20

Fine Stout Synthetic - Drop 4 off to $10

Gillette 2 piece Raised FLat Bottom - Drop 10 off to 40 firm.

Gillette Old Type 4-piece travel set - Drop 5 off to $20 firm.

Wilkinson Sticky - 5 off to $30 firm

RazoRock Baby Smooth - 7 off to $25 firm.

Marvy Jar - 5 dollars with any other item.

I will withdraw this at the end of Sunday at midnight. Some items will go to eBay if unsold, but some won't. Please feel free to send cash offers, heck even trade offers.

Thanks all for who have purchased, and I hope you love what you've bought!
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