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FS: Feather Artist Club DX, Simpsons Wee Scot

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The items I have for sale are both in excellent condition. Each has been lightly used and thoroughly cleaned since. Neither have been nicked, dropped, or damaged in any way. All original packing material is included as pictured.

Shipping is free within the US.

Simpsons Wee Scot brush: $30
This brush has been used about ten times. It shed about 30 hairs total during the first three uses, but none after that. It's in otherwise perfect condition.

Feather Artist Club DX razor: $220
I've used this maybe 20 times, but I just love my Gillette NEW too much... The feather doesn't get any use. It functions perfectly and is in like new condition. I'll throw in the pictured blade samples along with the purchase of this razor upon request. (pictures in comments).

IMG_2367.JPG IMG_2369.JPG IMG_2370.JPG IMG_2371.JPG IMG_2372.JPG IMG_2373.JPG
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