FS FS: Dogwood Declaration Meteorite B8 Brush

Discussion in 'Buy- Sell- Trade' started by IanG153, Sep 11, 2019.

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    I'm gonna regret this, but I have another brush inbound so need to make room. This is a stunning Dogwood Meteorite B8. Used about a half dozen times. Will also consider trades for other declaration or BE-HT (with cash from me) brushes. $270 shipped US.

    DogMet01.jpg DogMet03.jpg DogMet05.jpg DogMet07.jpg DogDeclMet1.jpg DogDeclMet2.JPG DogDeclMet5.JPG
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  1. RumpleBearskin

    RumpleBearskin Contributor

    Really? It has a piece of meteorite embedded in the handle? That is just waaaaay to cool!

  2. It does! I agree - VERY cool and unique! and it's the most recent B8 knot from Declaration Grooming - strong backbone, soft tips...
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