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FS: 6 (Six) NOS Filarmonica Doble Temple 13 6/8 in original wrap

Hello Gentlemen,

I had the luck to get my hands on a brand new, never opened box containing a set of 6 (six) NOS Filarmonica Doble Temple 13.
I didn't want to put this on any auction site to avoid getting crazy bids that would put you my friends out of the race.
This wonderful straight razor comes in its original case and plastic pouch. Most of the razors are still with its pouch unopened. I only opened some to take some pictures of them and upload them into my website albums.
For a closer and more detailed look, please check my gallery here.

My asking price is 190 Euros and includes registered mail in the EU. For other countries outside the EU please add more 10 Euros.

The straight razors are not shave ready because I haven't touch them and I don't want to. Needless to say that these take a very keen and smooth edge once honed.

Please look at my gallery and choose the razor you want. As you can see they are different from each other, so the first ones can choose their favorite razors. Please state the razor you want when paying.

I'm also selling other NOS sets here, so don't miss my other threads.

I'll be posting here to update the remaining razors that are still available.

Please send the money via paypal (non-CC only) to [email protected]. In the Send Money form please add a note saying what razor do you want to buy. Please send money through a personal account (bank account) and indicate it is for goods.

EDIT: The light blue on the left is sold!

Thank you
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The black handled, square point is SOLD!

I'm going to put the remaining ones one sale in my site. Please check my site and my thread in the Vendor's Corner in the next days.
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